10 Sandwiches From Around The World That’ll Change Your Life!


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My romantic entanglement with sandwiches began when I was eight years old and ate a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich in Orlando. That was the day I realised a sandwich isn’t as basic as cheese with bread or salami with bread. It is in fact, something that’s magical, every bite of which is capable of transporting you into another dimension.

The sandwich I had ordered there, was and still is called ‘the Italian’ and it was filled with salami, capicola, ham, mortadella, mozzarella, Roma tomato, Italian seasoning, and Italian dressing. The bread used was so fresh and tasty. Mmmmmmm! Every bite I took was pure bliss. Time had come to a standstill when I was eating that sandwich and that’s the day I had realised I had found my soulmate.

Since then, my obsession with sandwiches and my love for it keeps increasing with each passing day. My mom initially thought that it was just a phase, but I’m 23 now and it still hasn’t stopped. I mean what’s not to love about a sandwich? It’s the tastiest bread of your choice filled with scrumptious heavenly goodness and, voila you have a sandwich. As Paul Lynde, the famous American comedian said “sandwiches are wonderful, you don’t need a spoon or a plate”.

If sandwiches are your thing or even if they aren’t, you need to try these 10 sandwiches from around the world before you die.



Also known as viande fumèe, the Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich is a cross between corned meat and pastrami and is served on rye bread smothered with zesty mustard. This finger licking good sandwich gives you a taste of Canadian history. It’s been popular since the 1900’s. Best ones are available in Lester’s in Outremont, Canada.



For all the vegetarians out there, this yummilicious sandwich is the one for you. Vada Pav is a popular street food in India. The deep fried batata vada potato sandwiched between two slices of soft pav breads topped with chutney which is made with shredded coconut, tamarind pulp and garlic, is a treat for your taste buds. Ashok Vada Pav near Dadar’s Kirti college in Mumbai is the place to go for the best vada pavs.



A torta is a mouth-watering and flavourful sandwich which is made of crispy buns filled with refried beans, queso, avocado, jalapeño and grilled steak or chicken. It is extremely filling. The best torta’s are in La Texcocana in Mexico City.



This isn’t your regular ham and cheese sandwich, it’s what I like to call the epitome of comfort food. It’s toasty, cheesy, creamy and soft. It’s usually served with two slices of thick bread stuffed melted gruyère and a layer of salty ham with a fried egg on the top. Then a creamy coating of béchamel and even more cheese is added on top of the bread surrounding the sandwich. The tastiest croque madame sandwich is found in Café des Phrases, Paris.



I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like doner kebab. It usually comprises of meat on a vertical spit, enveloped in Pita bread and topped with onions, pickled cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. This is the most toothsome and filling sandwich you’ll ever eat. The best doner kebabs are available in Barbar in Beirut, Lebanon.



This is every cheese lover’s dream sandwich. It is two to three layers of bread which is filled with ham, linguiça (type of cured pork sausage), chipolata sausage and steak. Besides, to top it all off, the whole sandwich is covered with melted cheese and soaked in a beer sauce. Just the description of this is making me drool. For the tastiest one out there, go to Lado B Café, Portugal.



We’ve all eaten or at least heard about the famous American hotdog. But it’s the Austrian hotdog which consists of a spicy bratwurst sausage with onions and blend of curry powder, ketchup and mustard in a grilled Kaiser roll-type bread, which is the real deal. It’s flavorous and moreish. A must stop for it is, The Balkan Grill in Salzburg, Austria.



This sandwich is a product of Vietnam’s colonial past. It’s basically a French baguette with every ingredient possible in it. The main part of the sandwich comes in the form of various types of meats. Varieties of pork are most commonly used, but chicken, tofu and sardines are also popular. Cilantro, pickled and fresh vegetables, chilli sauces, mayonnaise and cheese cornucopia are few other essential ingredients. Bánh mi Phuong, Vietnam is the best place to get the most delicious Banh mi.



It’s extremely popular in England and is also known as chip sandwich or chip cob. It’s crunchy hot chips straight out of the fryer put in between two slices of bread combined with cold butter, mustard and ketchup. Go to Hashtag in London for the most scrumptious chip butty ever!



Who doesn’t love fried noodles or a sandwich. Just imagine these two things combined together. Yum! The famous Yakisoba Pan is a hotdog filled with fried Japanese noodles and topped with pickled ginger and mayo.

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