5 Unconventional Ways to Dress Your Hot Dog

Bored of basics? 5 ways to whack-up your sausage game

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I’m all things nontraditional. I do everything that’s not normal. And with my food? I can throw the oddest ingredients into a pan and cook them to a confused culinary craziness.

On my way back from work one evening, I picked up a hot mustard sauce and BBQ flavoured hot dog to-go. As I got home, I realized I’d been getting this very same hot dog packed since forever, and now I’m plain bored. I raided my fridge to find the leftover kimchee salad from last night. I stuffed it in the hot dog—and bam! My experiment tasted so good!

This made me wonder, since everybody loves hot dogs , why are there just definite toppings and dressings for them? Why not come up with some new and unique ways to dress the juicy delicacy?

  1. Hot Dog Croque Monsieur

Putting an American spin on a French classic. Use hot dogs instead of ham in the sandwich, and there goes your American French fusion!

  1. Hot Dog Flautas

Mixing two classic street foods, tacos and hot dogs gives you this amazing concoction. The bread of a taco and the classic sausage dog inside with all toppings mixed—this one takes my heart.

  1. Cran Apple Hot Dog

The flavour combination of tart apples and cranberries pair well with a chicken or turkey hot dog. Try a cranberry mustard with this delish relish.

  1. Peach Pepper Hot Dog

Top your dog with a fruity little kick! This peach and pepper combination is the perfect pair to hot dogs basted with peach preserves while grilling.

  1. Grilled Onion Hot Dog

Grill onions for a sweet, savoury take on the old school hot stuff. Use sweet onions and pair with barbecue sauce or salsa for an irresistible dog.


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