6 Foods That Can Cleanse Your Palate

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Have you ever felt irritated because a particular food has such a strong flavour that it overpowers all the foods that you will eat afterwards? Or have you regretted eating extremely spicy food and suffered for hours. Instead of suffering, you can do something about it. You can try palate cleansers to clean the overwhelming flavours of certain rich and strong foods.

A palate cleanser is a neutral-flavoured food or drink that removes the food residue from the tongue allowing you to more accurately assess a new flavour.

While they are usually served at restaurants, you can also find palate cleansers at your homes. Here’s a list of everyday foods that can act as a palate cleanser


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Milk works wonders when you have eaten something spicy. Drink a little milk instead of diving for a glass of water. It acts as a cooling agent. The fatty acids in milk neutralises the spiciness.


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Munch on a piece of this healthy green stalk. The rough texture of celery scrapes away any lingering flavour in the mouth.


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Like celery, apples too scrape away the flavours with their rough texture. They not only cleanse the palate but also the gums.


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Plain crackers are a great option for palate cleansing. They are made of water and flour and are highly effective in eliminating all kinds of tastes from the mouth- sweet to bitter to spicy.


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An alternative to the lemon sorbet you get served at the restaurants. Just like the lemon sorbet, lemon water neutralises all the tastes and cleanses the palates.


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Typically used in Japanese restaurants, pickled gingers are excellent palate cleansers and can be easily prepared in all households.


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