AD Singh Announces India’s First Poké Bar

Sumit Goyal & Pankaj Mohanta

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After creating waves all over the country, AD Singh gives India’s first Poké bar. With a cap already full for a lot of India’s firsts, AD Singh announced earlier today via a Facebook Live video about transforming the chick-Tokyo vibed, Guppy by AI into a Poké bar.

What is Poké anyway?

Poke [pronounced as POH-kay] – is a combination of seafood generally comprising of Salmon or Tuna fish that’s usually served with a mixed setup as a marinade.

Shiso Salmon

Implicitly related to Hawaiian by origin, a typically plated garnish would include portions of avocado, seaweed & cucumber presented alongside rice or contrasting fresh vegetables. This sushi styled preparation can be cooked conveniently that provides maximum room for tailoring around scores of readily available ingredients to choose from. One of the most compelling factors of Poke as a dish which helps it stand out in the sea of food trends is because of its intrinsic appeal to an ever growing market that’s becoming health conscious & impressively aware about lifestyle that contributes to overall wellness. Thereby injecting confidence & increasing optimism for such healthy bowl “fast casual” businesses as sustainably viable ventures in & around urban centers. Another significant factor that fuels this trend largely comes from a DIY standpoint that’s engaging & fun by design. With time-saving self-service counters at restaurants allowing a range of add-ins & mix-ins continuing on the rise, this further ahead forges inroads into the narrative towards a more personalized approach throughout the cycle of customer experience. This seamless integration of counter culture blends in perfectly with the conventional goodness in modern times that are starkly influenced by choices – thereby intuitively empowering consumerism for what it’s worth.

Wasabi Shrimp

Tapping into this new age circuit around innovations with a sharp focus on differentiation, A D Singh looks all set to bring this North American raging trend into India that targets everyone who has the desire for new taste & changing options. Working in the F&B industry for over a quarter of century, the veteran entrepreneur who started off with modest beginnings with his initial ventures at Mumbai have now expanded to an upwards of 32 restaurants across seven cities with blueprints to go beyond borders early next year. In a recent up close & personal interview with Team FNL, he speaks how exposure to Indian food on a scale that goes global is what he’d like to see but seems consistently not shying away from running the channel backwards with his latest Poke bar.

#FNLNews 🗞 . . . . @adsingholive’s ambitious appetite for taking longitudinal bets hasn’t stopped him ever from taking challenges despite industry headwinds. In his latest announcement via a @facebook Live video earlier today, he unveils his grand vision to bring one of the hottest Pacific trends to India in a first of its kind F&B venture serving Hawaiian Poke bowls at a bar. Read about this & much more at: . . . . . 🛎️ Cafe Dori restaurant video review out now. Link in Bio! . . . FOLLOW US: @fnlindia . . . . . . . #hawaii #bowlfood #losangeles #newyork #nyc #christmas #music #food #foodie #foodporn #yum #yummy #delicious #japan #health #entrepreneur #healthy #fit #fitness #travel #fashion #holiday #vacation #sushi #style #design #beauty #beautiful #FNLIndia

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Watch the full FNL Real Talk interview with AD Singh down below:

FNL Real Talk | AD Singh

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