A Single Girl’s Guide to Dining Alone

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The other day I was enjoying a delicious Starbucks Frappuccino with a friend when my stomach started growling. So I suggested that we continue our conversation while I dig into a tasty white sauce pasta.

Unfortunately, my friend had to rush – she had lunch plans with her boyfriend.

And being a single lady at that point in time I had exactly four options:

#Option1- Grab a sandwich from Starbucks and since I was craving pasta that just wasn’t going to happen.

#Option2- Try and figure out if any of my friends were available and then convince them to come and eat lunch with me. Even if I somehow managed to convince them for a last minute lunch scene, I knew I would have to wait for minimum half an hour and given the amount my stomach was growling, I gave up on that idea too.

#Option3- Go home and cook white sauce pasta. Um, no I was too lazy to do that.

#Option 4- Dine alone.

I went with option number 4.

At first it was slightly awkward because when I entered the restaurant, immediately the hostess asked me how many people will be joining me, and the minute I replied it’s only me, the look that she gave me. It was like ‘oh you poor thing, you have to eat alone’.

But, even that didn’t stop me.

My craving for white sauce pasta was so much that nothing could stop me, let alone the pitiful glance that a hostess was giving me.

However my first experience of eating out alone in 23 years of my existence taught me a few things. Which I’ll be sharing with you as well. So here are a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure that your experience of eating alone isn’t uncomfortable at all.

  • Ensure that you call and make a reservation, even if it’s for one. And be really firm and tell them that you want a good table and not the one that’s hidden in a crappy corner.
  • Carry a book or magazine with you, this will ensure that after ten minutes of scrolling through your phone, your eyes don’t wander and you don’t end up staring at other customers unknowingly and come across creepy or just lonely. Or wait I forgot we live in the 21st century, just carry your Ipad!
  • Dress to kill my friend. So what that you don’t have a date along with you, like they say ‘if you have it flaunt it’. So don’t let that pretty LBD sit in your closet just because you’re going out alone.
  • Try using your phone as little as possible.
  • •Be bold with your order. Generally when we’re out with another person or a group of people we feel shy to order certain things because we wonder what others will think of you. Given that you’re alone you can order anything and not be judged.
  • Eat slowly. Take your time. I mean how often do you get to eat so peacefully, eh!

Eating alone is an adventure. It feels good and you get to enjoy your meal more and also it’s a great time for some self-reflection. I enjoyed it so much that I know for sure I’ll do it at least once a month till I live.

Oh, and remember to tip well!

Image Credits: Pexels

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