Getting drunk the faster way with the strongest alcohol ever

At this point in life, I am so comfortable with alcohol that I barely get a high before a couple of drinks. Since I know that the poison that gets me the happiest is Rum, I always go with it. But hey, the alcohol content by volume in my favourite drink is 42%, what’s yours? I am sure it is not much higher, mate. Standard bar menus don’t offer you anything too wild (unless you get lucky) so we don’t even know that there are alcoholic drinks that have a percentage touching the 90s! I’m here to educate you about the same. In descending order, read on to find out:

1. Spirytus Rektyfikowany:

A murderous ABV of 96%, this complicatedly termed Vodka from Poland crosses the practical limit of a pure rectified spirit, i.e. 95.6%. Enough said, it tops the list of the world’s strongest alcohols.

2. Everclear:

This colourless, odourless and tasteless grain spirit is a deadly 95% and is manufactured and sold by an American company.

3. Golden Grain:

Illegal in many states of the US, this is an alcohol ingredient made by the makers of Everclear, with the same ABV. Hence, it is also its competitor.

4. Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled Whiskey:

World’s strongest single malt whiskey, this intoxicator sits at a high-end 92%. Extracting its flavour from the oak cask makes it crisp, pure and highly potent; thanks to its precise distillation process.

5. River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum:

This strong, clear rum is “pot-stilled” from fermented sugarcane juice for maximum flavour. On a close ground of 90%, the signature drink originated in Grenada, and the locals get drunk on it neat, or with a water chaser.

6. Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe:

An upgraded version of the Van Gogh Absinthe, this type was developed by the Czechs and has a way higher ABV (89.9%).

7. Pincer Shanghai Strength:

This “healthy” Vodka actually contains Milk Thistle and Wild Elderflower that is used in medicine as a liver support— get drunk and support your liver as well, a perfect combo! Carrying 88.8% ABV, this Scottish Botanic is intended to be a concentrate and not a chugger, so be careful.

8. Balkan 176 Vodka:

Most popular in South America, this 88% Scandinavian Vodka has literally poisoned people on being consumed in huge quantities within a short span of time. Scary?

9. John Crow Batty Rum:

If you’ll drink to this 80% ABV Jamaican White Rum, you’ll drink to anything.

10. Good ol’ Sailor Vodka:

Barely consumed in any other country except Sweden, this 85% ABV is a question to the liver.

11. Sunset Rum:

West Indian origin and a solid 84.5% alcohol content makes this burning liquid say “very strong rum” on the label itself. Enough said.

12. Stroh Rum:

One of the oldest forms of domestic rums from Europe, this tipple is spiced and not to be had directly. With 80%, this one is perfect for flaming cocktails.

13. Devil’s Springs Vodka:

Best paired with ginger ale, this cocktail mixer has a potent 80% ABV that’ll set you on a higher level!

14. Bacardi 151:

The light brown 75.5% ABV comes with a stainless-steel fire arrester—see the danger sign?

15. Sierra Tequila Silver:

The fruity aromatic alcohol is a well-aged clear tequila with an ABV of 75%.

16. Clarke’s Court Spicy Rum:

The honey-coloured alcohol is celebrated more for its distinctions than for its alcohol content: clove, nutmeg, white pepper, and cinnamon—the combo makes it a complex and powerful drink. It sits at a civilized 69%.

17. Absinthe:

Made of the grand wormwood plant banned in the U.S., “absinthism” could induce sleeplessness, hallucinations and convulsions. The King of Spirits is available from a 45% to an 85% ABV and has its fans claiming that drinking it makes colours seem brighter, breath better, and mind particularly receptive.

18. Booker’s Bourbon:

Uncut, unfiltered and unapologetic—this 65% ABV is a Kentucky distilled bourbon bottled straight out of the barrel. Fun fact- Booker Noe II was Jim Beam’s grandson!

19. Grappa:

Brandy with a wine flavour—simply yum. At a 60% ABV, it was initially made to prevent wasting seeds, grape skin and stems, but is now one of the tastiest and fragrant grape-based Italian pomace.

20. Abelour A’bunadh:

In Gaelic, Abelour means “mouth of the chattering burn” and that’s exactly what this “cask-strength” malt whiskey undertones. At a 60% ABV, this Scottish beauty is a must-try.