Bengaluru Fire: 5 Dead at a Restaurant

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Five killed when a fire broke out at the building – Kumbaara Sangha, Kalasipalya located in Bengaluru in wee hours earlier today. This incident happened at about 2:30 AM at Kailash Bar and Restaurant when the employees were fast asleep.

A senior police at the crime scene said, “An incident of fire has occurred at Kailash Bar and Restaurant located in the ground floor of Kumbaara Sangha building (in the vegetable market area). Fire and smoke was noticed by some persons at around 2.30 AM and fire services were pressed into action. Two fire tenders and one fire rescue vehicle attended to it and it has been doused.”

Bar owner R V Dayashanjar isn’t reachable by anyone up until now despite repeated communication attempts. One of the cops at the location stated, “We called him on his mobile around 4 AM, asking him to rush to the spot. Till now, there is no sign of him and his mobile is switched off. We shall find his address and send police in a while.” Adding to this, Kalasipalya police division have registered a case and are probing further to put the pieces together.

Team of two fire tenders and a fire rescue vehicle were sent out immediately after complaints to contain the situation & preventing the fire from spreading to the neighboring buildings. The fire was doused by early morning and the five bodies were recovered. The bodies of victims are sent for autopsy & are suspected to have died from asphyxiation. Experts from Forensic Science Laboratory are already present at the scene & the root cause of fire is still being investigated.

This latest tragedy comes less than two weeks after a deadly fire that killed 14 people while injuring several in Mumbai’s Kamala Mills. It brought up numerous issues to the fore & got the F&B industry into serious scrutiny on fire security standards in restaurants & bars & one that activated safety checks in Mumbai and other urban areas.

Image Credits: Indian Express

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