Best Cupcakes in Delhi

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I was diagnosed with O.C.D. (obsessive cupcake disorder) since I was a kid.

My romantic entanglement with cupcakes began when on a bright sunny Sunday, my mum got home with what I would like to call the ‘white fairy’. It was the classic vanilla cupcake, with frosting and sprinkles. And it was pure bliss.

Over the years I have realised that not every place bakes cupcakes properly. Thus, I collated a list of places in Delhi where you can find the most scrumptious cupcakes.

Here you go.

  • The Big Chill Cakery
  • Tuptakes

  • The Sweet Boutique

  • Diggin

  • Whipped

  • The Bombaykery


Image Credit: Unsplash|Hungry Forever|Yelp|Blog Lovin|

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