Budget Diet for Diabetic Patients

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My grandmother, a diabetic is extremely careless when it comes to her health. So, I regularly keep a tab on any news related to diabetes. I came across some ways to get her to eat the right foods and keep her sugar levels in control.

How to convince the patient though, you ask? Tell them they don’t have to spend more money on “low-fat” or “sugar-free” packaged products. They will still be able to achieve a healthier diet on the same budget as their regular diet.

Here’s some minor fixes for a healthy budgeted diet

  • Plan a menu for the whole week with what you have in stock—that’ll help you focus and won’t let ideas like quick meals and packed foods pop in your head.
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  • DIY dressings and spice blends instead of buying the expensive sugar-laden ones from the store.
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  • Portions matter a lot, always eat a little lesser than your full appetite.
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  • Don’t head to the grocery store hungry or without a list.
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  • Positively reinforce yourself to do all of the above by rewarding yourself with a small sweet treat each time you’re done grocery shopping.
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  • Replace expensive organic products with frozen veggies—they’re cheaper and allow storage for an off day.
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  • Beans, oats and spinach should be your best buds.
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Image Credit: Medical News Today

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