Busting Myths: For the Love of Bacon

Enough said about our best breakfast friend, we have proof against the negatives

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As convention would have it, I too went on to join the league of the Paleo dieters out there. That’s when I discovered my true and undying love for bacon. Replacing grains with fatty meats that are also delish… what more can anyone ask for? Bacon and butter became my best buddies, and initially, I did lose weight. Maybe because it was a good, refreshing change for my body. Well, whether it worked or not, at least I wasn’t going extremely unhealthy with the juice cleanses and other whacky diets that the girls around me were going for.

Am I sure that bacon is healthy? Pretty much, at least in regard to the myths that have been going around.

Don’t let those rumours stop you from embracing your favourite slow pork. Here’s to you, my fatty pink pal:

  1. Bacon can be consumed in limited ways:

Bacon lovers can put bacon in anything! Have you not heard of bacon waffles, bacon bit fries, bacon hamburger, bacon pancakes, bacon topped pizza, bacon jam, bacon quiche? The list is never-ending. It’s as usable as any food can get.


  1. Bacon is high in calories:

What are you saying? 30 calories per slice of adding immense flavour, and good to go for the calorie counters. It is actually low-cal.


  1. Bacon is only belly meat:

“Pork belly” is used synonymously for bacon, whereas, a lot of people use pork loin for getting a lean cut of bacon, too. It’s not just belly meat, if you don’t want it to be.


  1. Bacon directly causes high cholesterol:

First off, foods that contain high amounts of cholesterol do not necessarily cause high cholesterol. Whole grains have more of a connection with raising cholesterol than food does. So, stop.


Image Credit: Tesco Real Food

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