Cheese is Basically Cocaine!

My romantic entanglement with cheese began ever since I started consuming solid food. One of the best things from my elementary years that I remember is CHEESE. My mom told me I was a big cry baby, and there were times that only cheese could calm me down.

I’ve grown up, but I haven’t outgrown my perennial love for cheese.

In fact, most of my friends and family gorge up on meats, chocolates and other stuff when traveling abroad; I, on the other hand, give my full undivided attention to cheese.


Image source: Pexels 


On a recent trip to Paris, I was at Restaurant Astier, enjoying their famous cheese platter, when a thought crossed my mind along with a chilly Parisian wind – is cheese really addictive? If yes, then why? Let’s find out!

I was awestruck after stumbling upon a recent study which stated that, ‘cheese is basically cocaine’.

Turns out, cheese triggers the same excitable brain-parts as some hard drugs! I couldn’t believe that my favourite food has been labelled as a hard drug. What was happening? My world had turned completely upside down.

According to a study by Professors at the University of Michigan, which has been published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it is claimed that some foods cause addictive behaviours, while other foods are ‘lentils’. In fact, the more processed the food, the more likely it is to cause addiction. Well, now we know why no one has ever been addicted to beetroot!

As stated in the study, the most addictive food was cheese, and this was due to the high concentration of casein in it. Though milk only contains traces of casein, a large amount of it is needed to process cheese. Thus, the super-strong chemical becomes concentrated when in solid dairy form. It unlocks the opioid receptors in the brain, which controls pain, reward, and addiction.

I was crying internally! Weird thoughts like, ‘Am I the same as a drug addict?’—were all that I could think of. Being the drama queen that I am, I was totally convinced that soon I would have to admit myself into a ‘rehab for cheese addicts’.

After I was done overreacting, I got back to finishing the article.

Basically, I concluded that though cheese stimulates the same part of our brain as CRACK COCAINE, even if you end up eating a truck load worth of cheese, there won’t be any actual hallucinogenic effect, nor is it as harmful as cocaine.

And for all you cheese-lovers, the good news is that you don’t need to go to a rehab for cheese! But for those of you who are trying to replace your drug habit with cheese, please stop now. You actually need to go to rehab, cheese can’t help you here.