4 Post Holiday Detox Mantras

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Diwali is knocking at our doors, and along with lights and card parties the festival is synonymous with endless rounds of food and drinks. With hampers and mithai boxes flowing in, and countless party invites, we’re left rendered in a constant food coma. The hard truth is there is no silver bullet to overcome this gastronomic onslaught. Take a page from the books of these four experts to check that bloated belly and fatigued body post-Diwali and prepare yourself for the upcoming wedding season with a happy mind and body.


“Diwali and all of the late night partying and pollution that it entails, a good detox should incorporate beauty from the inside out. Give yourself proper nutrition, hydration, and rejuvenation.

For those of us who are really dehydrated and drained, IV vitamin infusions are the way to go. They’re designed to hydrate you and give you the vitamins, electrolytes, and energy that have been depleted during this crazy party time. As a post-party detox, infusing vitamins intravenously gives you the boost you need fast because absorption is increased by 3–4 times in comparison to taking a tablet. So those minerals get absorbed quickly and exactly where they’re needed.

Another important technique to get rid of all the pollution on your face is to get oxygen facials. Pollution particles are extremely small so they obstruct each and every one of your pores, making you look dull, drained and full of
blackheads. Facials using natural oxygen clean out all the pollution particles from your pores and give you the glow that your skin needs.”

Dr Kiran Lohia
New York dermatologist & Founder Lumiere Dermatology,
New Delhi



“After a heavy season when the body is already loaded with fattening agents, alcohol and heavy foods, you need to detox. Detoxing is basically flushing out unnecessary toxins gathered in the body over a period of time.

Try to take a lot of fresh juices, coconut water, and warm water with lemon juice. Not only are these light but also refreshing for the system.

Be judicious or better yet, avoid consuming the three sinful whites — sugar, white flour, and salt. Introduce roughage and fibre-rich foods. Eat frequent but small meals (5–6 meals a day) at regular intervals. Big meals are more taxing.

Avoid red meats. Go for steamed or boiled meals, fish, and chicken instead. Cook with granola oil or olive oil and ditch refined oil. Choose roasted or grilled over heavily fried; fresh greens over heavily spiced chicken.

Try crudités with a healthy dip or yoghurt dip. Make dinner your lightest meal. And remember, moderation is the key!”

Chef Ravi Saxena
Corporate Chef, Dhaba Estd 1986
New Delhi


“The human body is on an overdrive during all holiday festivities. Even dressing up, the drinks and food, and moving from one party to another can be exhausting. The first step to detoxifying is by giving your body some much-needed rest. Sleep will rejuvenate and revive your stressed system. If possible, try to clock in 8-hours.

The importance and benefits of hydration cannot be overemphasized. Drink a lot of water — it really is the best cleanser.

Crash diet fads don’t work for the long term. Since the liver and the kidneys detoxify your body, cut down on oils in your diet to allow your liver to rest. Don’t have fried food. Help yourself with lighter food preps — steamed rice over fried. Cut back on sugar. Switch to herbal teas.

Incorporate detox friendly foods in your daily diet like fresh aloe vera gel, carrots, tomatoes, and asparagus. And finally, unwind with a relaxing massage to drain the fatigue out and relieve those sore muscles.”

Hena Nafis
Nutritionist and Founder Eat Good Food Restaurant

“Workout plans for the reluctant exerciser — all from the comfort of your home!


Assume a push-up position, but bend your elbows and rest your forearms on the floor. Your body should form a straight line from your head to your ankles. Now tighten your abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut. Maintain this contraction for as long as you can hold it. Release. Breathe deeply. Repeat.


Stand with your feet two shoulder-widths apart and your arms at your sides. Push your hips back, bend your knees, lower your body as close to the floor while squatting, until you can place both hands on the floor between your feet. Jump up into the starting position.

Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Raise your arms above your head and simultaneously jump up just enough to spread your feet out wide. Without pausing, quickly reverse the movement and repeat.”

Puneet Sharma, Crossfit trainer
Amatrra, The Ashok Hotel
New Delhi

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