Don’t Settle for Just Potato Fries

Really, French fries are doubly tasty when made from these vegetables

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Potato is one of the best ingredients for creating yummy snacks, be it potato chips, baked potatoes, honey chilly potatoes, or my all-time favourite—French fries. I can never get bored with French fries, even if it means deep-frying potatoes. But I’m also always up for trying new things. What if we could have the same crispy kick, the chance to dip it in ketchup, but juicier, healthier fries with a break from the age-old concept of the potato ones?

I’ve collated a few such veggies that make the best fries you’ll ever taste. And trust me, having a variety for French fries is a blessing in disguise.

Check these fries when you’re seeking comfort food.

String Bean Fries

Courtesy: The Viet Vegan

Coated with Parmesan, they taste best when baked.


Eggplant Fries

Courtesy: One Green Planet

With a sweet tinge, these baked goodies taste best with a cheesy dip.


Sweet Potato Fries

Courtesy: Inspired Taste

Obvious winner! Try baking the skin only, as it tastes bombastic when paired with shredded Parmesan.


Avocado Fries

Courtesy: Simple Comfort Food

Making an exception from veggies here, only because Avocado is my favourite fruit, and it bakes as fries to ultimate goodness!


Carrot Fries

Courtesy: 2 teaspoons

Sounds too healthy for your comfort, does it? Take my word, you won’t be disappointed if you spice them up before baking them. Go for it!


Zucchini Fries

Courtesy: Marilena’s Kitchen

I’m sure you already know about these as an alt fries option. Spruce them up with onion and garlic powder and you’re good to bake.


Asparagus Fries

Courtesy: Kitch Me

Yup, you heard it right. Coat the stalks in bread crumbs and roast them in the oven to reach heaven.


Beetroot Fries

Courtesy: Honest Cooking

Beet baked to crunchiness with lime and chilli flakes are a match made in heaven!


Image Credits: Healthy Women

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