Emoji Rating Systems for Restaurants – Soon!

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In what looks like a series of incremental steps by the Indian regulatory authorities to control quality & assuring the same for the F&B space within restaurants is the introduction of smiley stickers. Providing a guiding compass about the extent of levels around elements involving hygiene for the visiting customers in restaurants will soon bear a series a self-certifying mix of emoji inspired labels to push a sense of self compliance as a part of informational service. The aim is to create a voluntary rating system to encourage heightened ownership among the staff towards responsibilities furthering the cause of safety standards which has had continually been questioned.

Food Safety Standards Authority of India’s CEO Pawan Aggarwal says, “This plan is under an advanced stage of development – it will provide fair and objective ratings done by experts. This is not unique to India – other countries have similar rating programs.” UK has Food Hygiene Rating System while Australia has Scores on Doors. Meanwhile underscoring the rising significance of digital attributes that are changing behaviors, another official who’s associated with the scheme stated, “Our research suggests that our population connects with emojis a lot, so we plan to use these icons as indicators of hygiene ratings.” Part of the assessment will also be based on certain compliance prerequisites including the deployment of trained staff in their premises, nutritious offerings on the menu and measures to advance the cause of healthy dietary patterns among customers besides a few different parameters.

The authorizing body this way, effectively provides a standardized interface that is commonly understood & will enable customers to gauge evaluations that eateries have earned. Not only that, but FSSAI is also planning to launch a website to provide an online platform for the customers to further scrutinize such self-evaluated ratings & post opinions based on their experiences during visitations.

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