First Date Impression: What She Thinks of Your Drink

What and what not to order on a first date

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However material, cliché, or shallow this might sound, to be honest, one of the things that matter most to me about the guy I am dating is what he drinks. Because if you have to go out with him, you need good drinking company, right? I’m not saying he needs to be a bourbon or rum lover like me but he has to at least match the level of ABV going inside me!

So, on a first date, if we’re, say, at a sports bar and the guy orders a bottle of champagne for both of us, I would go “aww” at him not cringing to be romantic—despite the place. And if he orders a glass of martini for himself… we got a problem. I know, I know—each one to their own, but can you really blame me for judging him to be a teeny bit flashy for ordering a martini on a first date, out of all things on the menu? This is my own perception, and many would differ from it.

Based on most females’ take on the matter, and a few males bearing knowledge of bars and drinks—I have compiled a list that by and large tells you what your date will think of your choice of drink on a first date. For gags, let’s start with the one I, too, made a face on:




On the silver screen, it may scream sex appeal, but the cold reality is, it’s a little flinch-inducing. Like, we could enjoy that back at home with olives, but seriously, can you not try so hard to show highly of yourself? It’s embarrassing.


Fruity Cocktail

Courtesy: Cocktail Recipes

Um, no. we’re not at the beach. No, you’re not being a feminist by wavering that pink girly drink in my face. I’m not impressed by your sense of non-chauvinism. You don’t have a social clue, and you’re most definitely not funny.


Whiskey Coke

Courtesy: Made Man

Hey you, simple living! Liquor and a basic mixer gets you going? I like you already.



Courtesy: Men’s Health

If she likes them rugged, she likes your whole beer and soccer idea. But, if she orders herself a cocktail, your beer might make her uncomfortable or show little or no sophistication.



Courtesy: Pexels

Hell yeah, you want to drink with me. You’re confident about your manhood, and that’s sexy.



Courtesy: Hungry Forever

This ain’t your first rodeo—and you’re down and ready to party, which is a green signal for a girl that you’re leaving all those vodka-soda drinkers behind.



Courtesy: VinePair

You’re an old-school hottie who doesn’t need 15 odd organic ingredients to show off your amazing cocktail knowledge. You’re confident and you like a well-constructed drink which screams “strong-willed”!


High-end Whiskey

Courtesy: Esquire

The true gentleman likes to savour his drink… full marks for that smooth move. The finer things in life drive you, and this is going to be a successful date night.


What’s your most “low-cal” drink

Low Cal Mojito, Courtesy:

If you ask the waiter this question, brb, puking. You decided to be a fitness freak on the exact night that you got me out? You have managed to make me conscious about my own drink, and my entire life.


Craft Beer

Courtesy: The Spruce

You enjoy your beer, not chug it to go for a bathroom break. You take out time to know your alcohol, and that’s really considerate. You’re a sweetheart.


Image Credits: Pexels

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