Fitness Guide – According To Zodiacs

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Worried you’ve left it too late to get in shape before the festivities begin? No fear, FNL’s got you covered. Here are the workouts you should do on the basis of your sun sign.


You are known for your hyper energy and a wandering mind, so nothing monotonous or dull would work for you. Try joining a spin class or circuit training where there is social interaction and the moves are constantly changing.


Given your sensitive nature, you need something that’s gentle, but still gives you results. You can make swimming or elliptical motion your go-to workout.


Under your calm exterior, there is a fiery intensity. You love challenges and need something that constantly challenges and pushes you to do better. Boxing is extremely appropriate for you.


Known for your slow-and-steady pace, patience, and persistence — a disciplined practice like yoga is perfect
for you.


For you, workout is equivalent to performance art. Given your flashy nature, you should go for Zumba classes where you can also be the centre of everyone’s attention.


Given that endurance is your thing, you prefer workouts that help you test your limits. Try Body Bumps — this low-weight, high-rep exercise is pretty much tailor made for you.


You thrive on social
interaction, so naturally, an exercise that involves a partner, like tennis or martial arts, is something that would be best suited for you.


Ruled by the angsty planet Mars, you need a workout to channel your aggression and at the same time, compliment your competitive nature. What’s better than a dance class where you can show off your smooth dance moves and blow off some steam.


You’re a homebody, so going to the gym isn’t really your thing. Focus on exercises that you can do at home like jumping jacks, squats, planks, etc.


You are extremely
energetic and love being outdoors, so nothing would be better for you than long distance running, which will not only make you feel alive, but also help you stay fit.


There’s no sign more focussed and meticulous as you. Pilates is definitely the one for you as it emphasises on form and structure.


You’re filled with stamina, love variety, and are extremely adventurous. Go for CrossFit. Occasionally, to mix things up a little, go for a run outdoors, or better yet, go hiking.

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