Food: The Bigger the Better

These enormous food portions offered around the city are a must try before you die!

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Honest confession 101: Being the foodie that I am, I am never fully satisfied with the quantity of food on my plate. I tend to binge from my friend’s plate. What to do, I just can’t seem to get enough! Talking of unlimited food and buffets, exactly how satisfied will you be when you can’t finish your one dish by yourself? Well, this gift of life is available in a lot of places in Delhi. Yayyy!

When out on a family dinner, a family naan or a family dosa is but of course a ritual. But did you know that not only do some of the South and North Indian restaurants have these massive delights on their menu, there are also many places in Delhi that’ll shock you with their plus-size dishes?  So are you ready for the challenge?


Huge Freakshakes @ Andaz, Annamaya Food Hall

Courtesy: AnnaMaya

So, you thought you could gulp your milkshake by yourself?  Well not when  you head to Aerocity to try the biggest ‘freakshakes’ that Andaz has to offer. Dripping with layers of brownies, milkshake, crushed biscuits and topped with gems and Choco chips , I’m sure this’ll be a complete meal by itself.


Mammoth burger @ Prankster, Gurugram

Courtesy: EatTreat

Serving FOUR people, this humongous burger doesn’t just look appetising, it will fill you till the brim as well. The cutesy brewery and restaurant occasionally throws a challenge to finish this burger in 40 minutes. Reward? Food voucher worth INR 3000 for food and beverage at Prankster, a free t-shirt and a chance to see yourself on the pub’s Wall of Fame!


9-inch Shawarma @ Al Zaitoon, Alaknanda

Courtesy: Zaitoon Foods

Its 9 inches—enough said. Your forever hungry kinda meal that’ll take you down the path to satisfaction.


Huge Bhaturas @ Punjabi By Nature, Gurugram

Courtesy: Newz Hook

My favourite drug—Chhola Bhatura! What can be a better way to conquer your stomach than to share an over sized and finger licking bhatura with your pals.


1 kg Parantha @ Asli Parantha, Delhi-Rohtak road

Courtesy: India TV

An ideal incentive to go road tripping is this 18-inch parantha which you can enjoy with a steaming cup of ginger tea. How about you dare to take the challenge they offer? Finish three of these paranthas in 50 minutes and get a lifetime supply of these for free!


Literal LIIT @ Social, HKV

Courtesy: Twitter

Social took the long island iced tea concept a little too seriously and went on to offer a one litre deadly dose of tequila, rum, vodka, Triple Sec, and gin to get you drunk through the entire night. Worry not—they have levels of strength of these thirst-quenchers, the beginner is called Classic, the intermediate one is called Electric and the one that’ll get you slurring is named Toxic.


Image Credit: YouTube

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