Hangover Cures From Around the World

Gopa Pincha & Avantika Bose

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‘Hair of the dog’

An alcoholic beverage consumed as a hangover remedy.

The phrase comes from the expression ‘hair of the dog that bit you’, meaning that the best cure for what ails you is to have some more of it.   In ancient times it was literally used to say that if a dog were to bite you, putting the dog’s hair into the wound would heal it. “Like cures like”.

  • Ireland
  • France
  • India
  • UK
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Bulgaria
  • Russia

As expressions go, you can’t get more typical than “’s avondseen vent, ‘s ochtendseen vent,”  which means ‘be a man in the evening (when drinking) then also be a man in the morning’. Basically … stop your whining and man up. It works with “vrouw” (woman) also.

Iris van Duren, Netherlands

Wein auf Bier, das rat’ ich dir, Bier auf Wein, das lass’ sein” loosely translate to wine after beer I suggest, beer after wine, don’t do it.

Stephanie Lebby, Germany

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                                                                                   START YOUR DAY WITH ☑

  •  Full Irish breakfast and Taytos Chips
    – James P Mahon and Niall Hynes, Ireland
  •  Pickled Herring
    – Stephanie Lebby, Germany
  •  Pastizzi, oily crumbly pastries filled with either ricotta or peas
    – James Schembri, Malta
  •  Sea food breakfast or a “carnitas sandwich” with a lot of spicy sauce in Guadalajara called tortaahogada (drunken sandwich)
    – Margarita Escoto, Mexico
  •  Icelandic ice-cream
    – Karólína Ósk Þórsdóttir, Iceland
  •  Barbacoa, (buck/young male goat) roasted overnight in an oven dug in the ground. This one is really tasty
    – Mariana Almeida, Mexico
  •  Eating raw, ripe tomatoes, with salt and without removing the skin
    – Sergio Orozco Echeverri, Colombia
  •  ‘Fry up’ (full English breakfast) and flat Coca Cola
    – Anna Buck, England
  •  Umeboshi, commonly called salted plum
    – Mari Kurihara, Japan
  •  Eating ‘patsa’ right after leaving the club around 5–6 am
    – Natalia Nannou, Greece
  • Chole Bhature
    TeamFNL, India

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                                                                                   BROTHS/SOUPS/TEAS ☑

  •  Water or coconut water + cheese (though, the cheese shouldn’t be dairy free, it should be cows cheese or chèvre)
    – Cansin Gürsoy, France
  •  Warm anise tea and bread croutons
    – Zoe Krokou, Cyprus
  •  Hot ginger drink with honey; hot chicken soup with drinking yogurt; herbal tea/tisane made using blue
    trumpet vine leaf
    Supawut Rattanavanitroj (Toto), Thailand
  •  Miso Soup with clams
    – Mari Kurihara, Japan
  •  King Coconut
    – Chavi Dharmawardhana, Sri Lanka
  •  Drinking seafood soup
    – María José Carvajal, Chile
  •  Never drink water in the morning cause you will get drunk again. You should replace it with coffee
    – Petrescu Cristiana, Romania
  • Drink piimä. It’s something between natural yoghurt and sour cream, thicker than milk
    – Heidi-Maria Reponen, Finland

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                                                                                   DRUGSTORE REMEDIES ☑

  • Alka Seltzer
  • KAEX – Switzerland
  • Doliprane & Citrate de betaïne – France
  • Paracetamol – Greece
  • 2KC – Poland
  • Berocca – England
  • Treo tablet – Iceland
  • Alikal – Bolivia

Before you start drinking, take one teaspoon of olive oil to line the stomach and prevent getting drunk too easily

Vita Vladimirski, Israel

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