International Food Trends

By Rupali Dean

A finger licking ode to some of the International food trends!



Across the realm, people meet for Breakfast. Bill’s at Sydney, for example is always crowded, so much so that one has to queue up for getting a place. People come in flocks for his Ricotta pancakes and sweet corn fritters. In Holland, most people go out for pancake breakfasts (ham and cheese being the most popular), which is factually like a tradition. You haven’t been to New Orleans if you haven’t stood in a queue for coffee, and Beignets at Café Du Monde. Hawker centres in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia will find many locals sitting for their first meal of the day.


Vineyard Lunches

Sample this; a flight to the vines of the Yarra Valley, the South of France, or the Napa Valley for lunch. They are some of the world’s greatest wine regions and are acclaimed for the food and wine experience that they provide. Another ripe region brimming over with wineries that is often overlooked, is just half an hour North of the Canadian Niagara Falls, and is filled with vineyards sporting all varieties of premium wines and without the rush of tourists. Cheers to good life!


Michelin Stars

Good quality, well presented, consistent and delicious food, awesome service, and awe-inspiring ambience, makes a Michelin star restaurant. These chefs create a magical dining experience for their guests with the sole aim of providing a wow experience. For example, at 3 Michelin star Osteria Francescana in Italy, or La Broche in Madrid, you can opt for the Degustation menu as the varied mix ensures all your taste buds are awakened to robust glory. Arnaud Lallement in Reims believes in capturing the authentic flavour of products to seduce the palates of gourmets like us. Lung King Heen, at the Four Seasons Hotel, is the only Chinese restaurant in the world to be awarded three stars in Michelin.


Tea Houses

Tea house tradition is about companionship, although tea rooms are mostly associated with a European attraction. The growth in health food has given tea huge potential, especially with the release of numerous research studies highlighting tea’s status in the antioxidant elite. Besides, it is a fashion statement too! Betty’s at York, Ladurée in Paris, or Café Sydney in Sydney are like Mecca’s of tea rooms. The Devonshire Tea, which is Yorkshire Tea along with scones, jams and clotted cream, is a must have for most locals across the globe.


Gourmet Events

The former generation of chefs were pretty much closed and on their own. This new generation of chefs thrives on cooperation and friendship, and that is the strength of gourmet events. At Madrid Fusion, Madrid turns into the Gourmet Capital of the world! This is a World Gourmet Summit and plays host to high profile cooks. Bruges is the culinary heart of the world for one day in February every year. Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival is another such premium event.