Kadaknath Chicken – Making Finger Licking Great

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Totally out of ordinary, a small time bunch of villages from Dantewada region in Chhattisgarh are hitting headlines currently with a rather less known trend that’s been consistently on the rise much lately. A breed of fowl known as Kadaknath – generally with dark shades of meat is a premium produce as compared to rest of the variants available for consumption. Locally known as Kalimasi, its meat is priced three times higher than the poultry standards of broiler breeds for chicken with a price tag ranging anywhere from Rs. 500 – 750 per 2 kilograms that’re available over the counter.

If we were to look deeper, the origins of this breed would take us to a district called Bastar located in Southern Chhattisgarh & few parts of Madhya Pradesh. The geographical belt is also notoriously known for a local insurgent group called the Naxals who have historically infested those areas but the state government has been proactively taking measures to ensure the growth of domestic economy scaling up support schemes for the region to tune out some of the side effects of isolated unrests. Part of what has been done to give new investments a jump start for the business-debut year of the qualified ventures, the government has monetarily subsidized 90% of roughly Rs. 500,000 that’s usually required to raise a thousand birds in a single batch. Ever since they initiated this funding assistance, 76 entrepreneurs have already signed up for it who’re now raising 76,000 birds to which, the local authorities are aiming to swing up the numbers by upto an ambitious 1.5 Lakh by mid-2018. However given this provisionary time cap, the following years after the first year, the entrepreneur has to self-finance 90% of his/her venture to sustain the business further ahead with only the rest 10% assisted by the government.

For the ends of realizing the full potential of this peculiar poultry, the local administration has also applied for a GI [Geographical Indication] last month. The GI form of intellectual property always transcends down to origin & indigenous sources of popular manufactured production & practices which seemingly fits their cause for “fowl’s promotion and breed-purity conservation”. District Magistrate Saurabh Kumar says, “Yes, I can confirm, we have applied for GI tag for Kadaknath. We are lining up more than 250 indigenous poultry farms, breeding & hatching centres etc. Dantewada is becoming the hub of growing Kadaknath chicken.”


Image Credit: Kadaknath Karinkozhy [Blog]

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