Ladies Watch Out for Those Free Drinks

Ladies night- The untold story

“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover so Ladies Night is where I go!”- *Hums like Ed Sheeran*

It’s Tuesday night, I’m browsing through my Facebook, and all I see, one after the other, are posts of all the girls out there partying, getting drunk, because it’s ladies’ night! No kidding, every night is ladies’ night- at least in Delhi. However, let’s not dwell on how sad my life is that I’m sitting in front of a laptop screen and talking about free drinks, and focus on why I’m talking about the ladies’ night when you already know it.

Ladies’ night is an age-old concept of giving out free drinks to girls so that all those pretty lady customers are allured into coming to the bar, which automatically brings in the guys.. I know…we girls don’t care, we just want free alcohol. But do we want it at the stake of our health? No way!

Girls, have you ever wondered why those pretty pink drinks that you get across the counter in return for only a smile are so yummy and why you must chug at least four of those to get the slightest bit heady? Well, that’s because firstly, they put in a really tiny amount of alcohol (before you tell them to add some more), and secondly, they might be using the cheapest alcohol available. No wonder they splurge those drinks like that, for if they had to use legit alcohol, do you think you’d be getting unlimited amounts of it?

Thus, as it turns out, these common clubs make double the profit because not only do they give out cheap liquor in the name of girls’ night, but they also manage to attract the crowd they were targeting by doing this. Behold! Do not let them do that to you. Cheap alcohol may give you a hit, but it messes big time with your system. How?

Worse hangovers


More chances of throwing up

Harder on your liver

And much more…

I am not saying that you shouldn’t go for those free drinks, I am simply cautioning you about being careful about choosing your next ladies’ night venue.