Lose Weight the Right Way

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I know what it feels like to never have your beach body ready—I have been trying to lose weight since 1996, literally. If you have been telling yourself that you’ll start your diet tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes or if your entire life is a cheat day, you are then without doubt my best friend.

Obviously, these diets affect each one of us differently. I’m not saying nobody benefits from them but there are some generic notions about dieting that we have all held since forever. So, after trying every popular diet plan on the internet and consulting plenty of dietitians, I finally know why I haven’t been able to lose weight by following them. Of course, I am going to share this sad truth with you.

These are just the reality-checks. You need to follow a real diet that will show you only positive results.

Calculation error

The idea that replacing your regular drink with a “black, no sugar” drink for over a year will make you lose 25 pounds, is a complete myth. Instead, do your calculation following Hall- a scientist with the US National Institutes of Health. According to Hall, if you want to lose 10 pounds, you’ll have to cut 100 calories per day out of your diet so that you get halfway there in about a year and then you will eventually plateau (reaching the goal) after about three years. Though slow, this daily calorie cut is smaller than what the researchers anticipated. It is like one different cookie a day, so that a 150-calorie cookie leads to a seven-kilogram (15 pound) difference in weight. That is both huge and non-drastic.

Calorie count

A fully loaded burger is not just 300 calories! Stop grossly underestimating your calorie intake, because it’s proven to be impossible for anyone to exactly figure their calories burned and their calorie intake. Instead, focus on the quality of the meal you are eating. So if you eat a filling bowl of oatmeal, don’t bother even if it contains a few more calories than your diet cereal bar because it will satisfy your hunger and you won’t feel like snacking all the time, like an unsustainable sloth.

Less fat = more sugar

Low-fat diets are the worst way to lose weight because when a product cuts fat, the calories from it are replaced with calories from say, carbs or sugar. So, when you fear fat so much, you end up consuming even more fattening foods. Instead, avoid processed foods that claim to be low on fat and include avocados, nuts and oil-based dressings in your meals to get the satisfying kick that fats give you.


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