Love? Meh! I Would Rather Fall In Chocolate

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If you revisit world literature or documented history, you can’t help but notice that every great battle or war ever fought, was in one way or another, in the name of love. The Trojan War was fought because of Helen, the Kurukshetra War of Mahabharta was fought because of the disrobing of Draupdi, and the battle of Ramayana between Ravana and Rama was fought because of Sita. So technically, love leads to war. And chocolate … um, chocolate on the other hand is pure bliss. Whether its dark, milk or white chocolate (yes, chocolate is diverse and it’s glorious), every bite will fill you with happiness and strip away any hate or sadness — hence leaving no scope for concocting devious plans, let alone planning and fighting wars! Now that’s a reason legit enough not to fall in love, but in a relationship with chocolate. Less hate, more joy, aye!

Have you ever come across someone that you did not like? I’m pretty certain you have. I know I have. More than I can count. Now, can you possibly say the same for chocolate? No …? Didn’t think so.

Even so, we humans manage to find someone we like and eventually fall in love with. Don’t get me wrong, love is the most beautiful feeling ever. The honey moon period in particular, is amazing. And eventually that phases out and
reality sets in. Unfulfilled expectations lead to disappointments and ultimately comes around the dreaded breakup.

Breakups have the unfortunate power of turning the sweetest people into the most bitter characters you’ll ever come across. Sure you don’t want that happening to you or anyone you care about.

One of the first links between chocolate and romance was established by the Mayans, who created a ritual beverage made from cocoa mixed with water, black pepper, vanilla, and spices. Mayan brides and grooms shared the mixture during marriage ceremonies, and it is said to be associated with their God of fertility.

Spread chocolate not love. After-all, chocoholics are the most fun, happy, and non-judgemental people to be around. Here are 10 reasons why you should fall in chocolate and not in love.

  1. While all good men and women may already be taken, fortunately, that’s not the case with chocolate. No matter your preferred type, there will always be plenty of delectable chocolates out there for you to handpick.
  2. With chocolate, what you see is what you get. And even if it comes with a mysterious surprise at its heart, it is going to be a pleasant one nonetheless. You just cannot say the same for love … can you?
  3. Chocolate always smells divine.
  4. It is always well dressed.
  5. Chocolate doesn’t ask questions, it simply understands and will always make you happy.
  6. No matter how terrible your mood is, chocolate will always boost it.
  7. Loyalty isn’t really your thing? Fret not. While love demands loyalty, you can flirt with (or eat) as many chocolates as you want. 100 per cent guilt free.
  8. It has several substances that can induce a mild sense of euphoria.
  9. You can never get bored of chocolate. NEVER EVER. So much to pick from, where is the scope for boredom!
  10. Unlike humans, chocolate is genuinely sweet and sugary, or well bitter if that’s what you prefer.

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