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The Chocolate Room is renowned for being one of the leaders in chocolate-centric delicacies & offerings at their cafés located across pan India. For more than a decade, India’s most celebrated chain of chocolate café is pleasing its customers with delighting treats and has paved the way for a chocolate culture that arguably has taken over the world at the moment. The chain especially, is most famous for its hot chocolate which is offered in popular cuddle cups at their stores.

Initially started off in 2007 now has a strong presence in 63 cities with 240 stores & over 250 items in their menu rosters. No wonder given their reputation & commitment towards quality, they have bagged in prestigious awards such as, Times Food Award – by The Times of India & have also won in the category of Best Dessert for the years 2009 & 2011.
It is an absolute foodgasm getaway, literally for all. Some of The Chocolate Room’s exclusives include Mexican Bells, Fusion Sandwiches, Frozen Coffee, Fruit Frappers, Chocktails, Side Serves, Sundaes, Colada, Iced Tea, Waffle Wonders & Affogato. Hot or cold picks, they have an excellent array that could be readily hooked with appetizing tidbits for every possible occasion. That place, is a must visit!

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