Meet This Centenarian Barmaid from France

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Marie-Louise Wirth runs and owns a bar in Isbergues, France. She starts her day with a glass of cherry brandy. She likes to dance till 2 am, loves adventure and is a risk-taker. She is also 100-years-old.

Mary-Lou as she is fondly called by the locals, first began tending the bar in 1931. The bar was then owned by her father. She took over the establishment after his death in 1954. Every day since then, she has opened the bar at 8:15 in the morning and sipped her cherry brandy preparing for each day to unfold. The bar hasn’t been renovated or redone even once. It is the same since the last 50 years and doesn’t have beer pumps still. The said bar doesn’t have any name. In her own words, “If you have good beer you don’t need a name”. And rightly so, her bar and the services are a hit in the town.

The secret to her longevity she says is abstinence from milk and fruits and consumption of alcohol in moderation. The loyal regulars at her bar are decreasing in number, she had to bury a lot of them too. But this or anything else doesn’t deter her spirits. She keeps going!!

Image Credit: Scoopnest

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