National Restaurant Association of India Appoints a New President

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Rahul Singh – Founder & CEO of The Beer Café just got appointed as the new President of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), replacing the immediate previous Riyaaz Amlani – CEO & MD of Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality after his resignation due to medical reasons. Prior to this, Rahul was appointed as VP, NRAI this past September who clocks in an impressive profile. Having received the Entrepreneur India 2015 award in F&B segment, he scored Entrepreneurial award for Excellence at the TiECON 2014 & to top it all off – eventually ended up being one among the 25 most influential entrepreneurs in Delhi.

Still under observation, Riyaaz is currently recovering from a spinal surgery and is directed with a three-month bed rest that’s consistent with post-surgical protocols by his treating team of doctors. Given this exceptional circumstance, Rahul Singh, who also happened to be the representative spokesperson for the association during Riyaaz’s absence now fills in the void considering the prolonged stretch of contingencies. Fellow NRAI affiliates also speak very highly of him as reflected by one of the co-members, Priyank Sukhija who recently wrote in a Facebook post, “NRAI as an organisation has grown bigger and stronger in the past few years achieving numerous milestones under the talented leadership of Riyaaz Amlani, who, sadly for all of us today, stepped down as the president of NRAI due to personal reasons. The new torchbearer of our organization is now the very capable Rahul Singh and although he has some big shoes to fill in, I am sure nobody else in the room can do better than him.”

On his appointment Singh says, “While Riyaaz needs to rest and heal, and we pray for his speedy recovery, I would personally like to assure him of my relentless quest in accomplishing the tasks at hand to make our industry vibrant and proud. Would also like to thank the managing committee members in bestowing the trust in me to carry forward the 35 year legacy of our association. I will strive to lead the Indian Restaurant Industry into a new era of prosperity, participation and positive perception which advances and safeguards the entrepreneurial spirit. Our collective passion and shared spirit of hospitality will enhance the quality of life that we serve,” His firm resolute & business discipline that has transformed his chain of alco-beverage cafés into one of the key market players in today’s time, is purely evident from his establishment’s growth trajectory which has rocketed many folds upward with some of the highest fiscal turnovers.

While stepping down Riyaaz was quoted saying, “I am convalescing from a spinal surgery and been advised bed rest for three months at least, rendering me unable to fulfill my duties. The Restaurant Industry has an extremely complex business environment. What this association need is a highly passionate and motivated president to lead from the front at this crucial juncture for the cause.” Although he’ll continue being on the board serving the managing committee at a consultative capacity, post his three year term as President. While Pratik Pota – CEO, Jubilant Food Works which owns franchises of Domino’s Pizza will take over the position of Joint Secretary.

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