Pest Alert! Your Fruits Aren’t Very Clean

You thought that fruits are the freshest foods you could eat? Think again.

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I’m always here with bad news, right? You must be thinking- “the moment I pick up something I think is healthy and fit to eat, her article comes unapologetically gallivanting and states otherwise”. Folks, it’s only with good intent that I tell you these facts you otherwise wouldn’t have known. I am not telling you that every consumable item in the world is not good for you, no; I want you all to be conscious and aware about what you ingest.

So, what do I have today?

Fruits. They are the colourful creations you turn to when you choose health. According to the U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture’s annual list, four fruits had pesticide residues—making them unfit for consumption. My face fell when I read the findings because they listed some of the healthiest and my favourite fruits. Topping the list was the boss fruit, apple! Can you believe it? I was in shock too. 99% apples and 98% peaches tested positive and grapes were reported as being contaminated too.

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The hardest to believe were pest levels in hygienically-packed boxes of strawberries. Truly, looks can be deceptive. Analysts say that it’s better to opt for organic versions of these fruits, or go for the ones certified as clean. You’d be happy to know that mangoes, avocados, papayas, pineapples and kiwi steered clear of the tests, and are certified as fit for consumption. So, don’t worry about the calories in these fruits, for they only contain healthy fats which are much better than your packed snacks. It’s a yes for these five fruits at least!

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