Pizza Could Better Your Love Life?

Yes mate, there’s a study to prove it.

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The last time I was someone’s type, I was donating blood. There’s definitely no way I’m ending up with someone any time soon—considering my priorities. Sleeping takes up half my time and the other half is divided into work and food. If I’m not practically eating, I’m swapping through my Instagram for pictures of food.

After numerous failed attempts at online dating, I had given up on the idea of dating. That was until this beautiful study published in the Psychological Science came along and made my life easier.

The awesome people conducting this research found that couples who look at images of pizza are happier than the ones who don’t. Yes, really. Believe it or not, when you look at photos of hot and gooey deliciousness together, you actually begin to link those positive visions with your spouse. A little weird? Maybe, but I’ll take it for giving me enough scope. The next time I want things to go well with my date, I’ll show him pizza pictures and wait for my love life to finally flame.

In fact, you can’t deny that pizza is pretty much the same as your love life:

The childhood crush

Looking back, you realise that it might be foolish but you smile every time you think about those rare meetings in the school canteen.


The long distance

You used to date in high-school and whenever you would be visiting town, you’d sure hook up and rekindle the old flame—when deep down you know you’ve grown up and your tastes have evolved.


The online relationship

Sure, the whole tracking and stalking is unhealthy but isn’t it so convenient and tempting to read their updates about where they are and what they’re up to?


The out-of-your-league

Dude, you can’t match to this one’s standard. They’re too fancy for you. Go back to the one that you can afford.


The experimental phase

So, what? It only happened once. Back when you wanted to try something new and be sure you weren’t missing anything.


The one

You know they’ll always be there for you and they know what you want better than yourself. No matter how many others there were, you keep coming back to this one because you know they’re special. Also, you know their specialties way too well.


Image Credit: PopSugar

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