Popular Murthal Dhabhas May Get Demolished Soon

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If you are travelling from Delhi towards Punjab or Haryana, I am sure you make your first stop at Murthal. I am also sure that if you live in Delhi, you have definitely driven all the way to Murthal to gorge on the paranthas and drink a tall glass of lassi. Murthal is extremely popular for the scores of dhabhas on the National Highway 1. But that’s probably going to change.

Around 157 dhabhas along the National highway 1 in Murthal and Rai may get knocked down for violating the construction norms. The said dhabhas were issued notices by the Municipal Corporation in October. An inspection was carried out, following which the illegal construction and encroachment by these dhabhas surfaced. These dhabhas were given a week’s time to produce valid documentations to the Municipal Body. They were then given two month’s time to come out clean or pay the fine. The two month’s time is also up and action against these dhabhas is likely.

If that happens, Murthal won’t be the same again. It’s an unfortunate news for all the Murthal Lovers out here!

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