Pune’s Kayani Bakery Asked to Shut.

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The famous Kayani bakers of Pune along with two other eateries were asked to shut down recently. The Sub Area Commander & Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) effectuated this on grounds that the said establishments were operating without trade licenses which are formally required as a permit for such businesses.

PCB Executive Officer Mr. D N Yadav states, “The establishments have not applied for change of purpose to commercially run the premises. They have been running their businesses illegally as we have not issued them trade licenses since 2006. The board president has ordered them to close down for violating the lease agreement.”

Meanwhile, opposing statements from Co-owners have arised ever since this order was issued. Reacting to this episode, Afzal Bagwan ie. Bagban’s owner – one among the 3 eateries that were notified to shut speaks to media & expresses his dismay. He said, “We have closed our business following the oral orders of the PCB president. The property owner, who is in Dubai, has been applying for a trade license every year but has been denied one. 80% constructions in the Pune cantonment are illegal, but the board has decided to target only three.”

Kayani brand has been instrumental in Pune for it’s bakery & has created a name for itself for Shrewsbury biscuits & other confectionery produce & has seen numerous clone offerings riding it’s wave over the decades.


Image Credit: HauteBook & Food to Love

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