Reasons to Stop Going Nuts Over Nuts

Are you cautious about the dry fruits that you eat?

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My favourite nut to snack on is Macadamia. What’s yours? Whichever one it may be, I’m sure you think it’s great that at least something that’s yummy is also healthy. Sorry to disappoint you but there are ways you could go wrong, very wrong with nuts.

And How?


We all know that too much of anything is bad. However, in the awe of nuts being super healthy, we tend to pop some in our mouth every time we feel like snacking. We are usually under the impression that it is better to munch on healthy fats. Well, they may be better than gobbling down a bag of potato wafers but eating nuts in a large quantity can send your digestive system on a run for its money.



Lectins are proteins that protect the plant. In addition to the lectins, a fair amount of toxins lie in the skin of the dry fruit and can be the cause of gut irritation.


Phytic Acid

Dieters tend to exclude rice and flour from their diet due to the anti-nutrients. The reason why you avoid grains is also the reason why you should avoid too many nuts.  Phytic acid and anti-nutrient present in grains is present in higher quantities in nuts. This cheeky acid binds to certain minerals and prevents your system from absorbing them.



Nuts like seeds, chicken and pork have the Omega 6 nutrient which is essential for our body, but in limited supply. Since the sources are delicious, it’s the easiest nutrient to consume. However, our body needs to have a balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6. Omega 3 comes from fish and seafood. Even the slightest imbalance between the two can lead to inflammation and heart diseases.


Image Credit: Hazy View Herald

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