Reimagining Tomorrow’s Cooking Today

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Advances in artificial intelligence, voice control and internet of things are paving way for a new age of connected ecosystem that have been instrumental in reshaping the future of kitchen. FNL rounds up five reinventions that are changing the way conventional cooking as we know.

Smarter Coffee Machine

Courtesy: Mac Life

Starting your day or otherwise, when you need your coffee, you need it now. And the Smarter Coffee machine is here for you doing just that. This connected device, from Smart Home Company — Smarter is arguably one of the best tech
masterpieces by them so far who also happen to be the brains behind products like iKettle. The Smarter Coffee promises to be a “simple and convenient addition to the home, ensuring an enriched brew every time”.

 What makes this gadget stand out is that your coffee is waiting for you, and guess what, you can control it remotely using its companion app, available on both iOS and Android. The usability of this app allows you to control various features such as strength, cup size and grinding preference. All that needs to be done is, a prior instruction to its app about a bit of your schedule such as, your expected wake up time and with its Wake Up mode, you’ll have a fresh coffee batch prepared for you. However, if your plans change or you oversleep, the coffee won’t sit cold, not for at least 40 minutes while the hotplate underneath keeps it warm.

 Since the coffee maker is IoT connected, it will know when you arrive back home after a long day’s work, and will ask if you need another fresh pot. The device’s compatibility also extends to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant around a host of other smart home devices.


Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Courtesy: Samsung

Samsung, as always reimagining the way we live, launched a refrigerator and they’re calling it — The Family Hub 2.0. This advanced IoT device has additional app integration capabilities and usability that enables their users shopping, entertaining, and communicating from and within the device.

Front and centre, they have a connected cooler that’s equipped with a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen. Each family member can create a separate user profile and add reminders among other things onto the interactive board on-screen. Individuals can also access their respective profiles and write notes remotely via a smartphone app.

Sensors that enable a range of visual actions are a set of three built-in cameras that allows users to take a view inside the fridge remotely via their View Inside feature (app only) to see which ingredients they need to re-stock. It even helps in waste management: the Food Reminder camera app allows users to assign expiration dates to items and receive use-by date reminders to avoid unnecessary disposal. It also has a linked Recipe app which includes a host of other features via which one can order food online. Functionally intending to serve as the epicentre for smart homes in the distant or near future, the Family Hub 2.0 certainly makes it easier for users to communicate with each other.


June Smart Oven

Courtesy: June Oven

June Smart Oven is an irresistibly smart device that can be remotely controlled via its app. It has an inbuilt camera and digital thermometer for close and remote monitoring throughout the cooking process. The way it’s designed right from the outsets of programming is something which enables it to mimic a range of appliances that it hopes to replace. Food ID — June’s one of the “intelligent” features currently claims to recognise more than 25 foods. Additionally, it’s Adaptive Cook Presets that are recommendations for cooking — based on visual recognition using the Food ID software or selection from a main menu covers over 50 foods. On the hardware specification side of things, an embedded NVIDIA chip makes it one of the smartest and fastest oven you’ve ever used.

Another device attribute that makes it unique is its expansion of convection oven technology. Convection heating, which uses fans and exhaust systems to distribute heat for speeding up cooking times, is very efficient and the way June executed this convection cooking tech is by adding carbon fibre elements which are lightweight, extremely heat resistant and quick in cooling.

The total package comes neatly packed in with a pan, roasting rack, thermometer, wire rack and crumb tray. Its core design reflects an interface that looks like a superimposed smartphone on the surface, with a 3D dial that harks back to the clickwheels like that of an early iPod. The model has rolled steel, sleek black glowing glass accents you’d expect from a high end product, with the footprint of a large microwave. It categorically advances the cause to automate cooking as we know it.


Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Courtesy: Mashable

Straight out of a sci-fi fantasy world, Whirlpool flaunted a kitchen cooktop concept at CES 2014 (A Consumer Electronics Show typically held in Las Vegas every year). The cooktop is a mock-up of a touch, and voice-sensitive induction device that also lets you manage your social media and control other electronic smart appliances.

Think of an induction range where the entire surface acts like a giant tablet. To start cooking, a pot on the cooktop is placed and a circle drawn around it with gestures, options will pop up thereafter for adjusting temperature and time. Notifications will appear to alert you of incoming phone calls or texts. Gesture controls allow you to navigate the interface intuitively, dismissing or answering calls, and opening windows and menus.

The goal with the Interactive Cooktop is to make the kitchen the true hub of the house. You would no longer need a separate mobile device for accessing the internet to check out a recipe, or check your phone regarding notifications and updates. That being said, all of this might sound too good to be true, or too expensive to be practical, but that doesn’t stop Whirlpool from conceptualising. The point is to show that the technology for a futuristic kitchen is being worked out and even already here.


Bosch Perfect Dry Dishwasher

Courtesy: Bosch

Bosch released its new range of dishwashers that are now available both in free standing and in built-in versions of device models. Peculiarly characterised by an end consumer utility tech, this device is able to wash and dry with care and great results, as claimed by the company.

The washing appliance’s range of collection by the German company that uses a natural mineral called Zeolite, ensures perfect drying. All of this is possible because Zeolite transforms humidity in dry heat and a gentle stream of hot air flow distributes it evenly inside the dishwasher which is what facilitates better and faster drying cycles. Another interesting feature of their range of new appliances is that Zeolite lasts for their entire life, regenerating automatically at every wash, and doesn’t need maintenance either. In addition, Perfect Dry dishwashers are equipped with a special 40° C, programmed internally, which is reportedly ideal to maintain glasses bright and shining.

Silence is also guaranteed by the brushless Eco Silence Drive motor technology which is efficient and just as much fast, which also automatically adjusts the water pressure on the dishes for an adequate treatment to each type of load. The Silence 50°C setting, is admittedly suitable in case of using the dishwasher during the night. Quite the convenience packed in a punch.


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