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Dishant Narang

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Bohca Review

If you ask anyone in New Delhi where one would like to be seen on a Saturday night, then Bohca would probably be one of the first name to pop up. This large venue with its premium aesthetics and ‘thumping commercial music’ has become a favourite haunt for partygoers throughout the length and breadth of ‘King’s Landing’.

Over and above its nocturnal-appeal, Bohca has also managed to capture the hearts and palates of many a food lovers. The menu has been thoughtfully sculpted, keeping its overall contemporary positioning in mind. There’s an interesting mix of Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, North American, and South American dishes on offer, ranging from hand rolled pizzas to good ol’ sliders, and even fusion tapas platters.

We at FNL Secret Service, were highly intrigued by this new and trending venue and decided to book a table for 9 PM on a Thursday. If you end up visiting on a Friday or a Saturday, and arrive post 9:30 PM, then say goodbye to a peaceful meal, as this place (along with the complex in which it is situated) turns into a party zone of its own. Good on us for having thought this through.

On arriving, we faced no issues in terms of parking, as Asiad Village complex has a massive parking lot, plus there’s valet. Once inside, we quickly got an idea of Bohca’s considerable size, which includes equally large indoor and outdoor areas. The ambience feels very chic. The huge bars with some fine offerings on display, the elegant furniture, and the contemporary tableware constantly remind you that you are indeed in a highly premium space.

The staff was extremely courteous and forthcoming. One of our servers wasn’t completely cognisant of a particular ingredient in one of our dishes, and requested the chef to personally provide clarity.

I have seen a lot of servers passing down false information in the past with the intent of speeding up the process. So kudos to him for doing ‘the right thing’, and ensuring that our inquisitive selves were provided with accurate information. The chef, too, was extremely friendly and helpful and you could tell that he knew his sh*t!


We ordered an array of dishes, representing all cuisines the menu has to offer. Almost every item was well prepared and nicely presented. One of our mains though, the braised chicken leg, fell horribly flat in comparison to the other dishes, both in terms of presentation and taste. If it weren’t for this, we would’ve probably had an all-round 5 star experience.

The good folks at Bohca threw in a 15 per cent discount, which we never asked for, but even if they hadn’t, the amount was fairly nominal for a place such as this. Not to forget, our bill also included a few cocktails.

Location & Parking – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4.5/5

Service – 5/5

Food – 4/5

Pricing – 4/5

Overall Score – 4.4/5


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