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Dishant Narang

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Burma Burma Review

It was really hard convincing the carnivore in me to go for an all-vegetarian affair. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have associated an authentic Burmese restaurant with vegetarian food. I mean what’s next? A kebab corner serving Jain food? A nightclub serving tea and coffee? A café serving butter chicken and dal makhani? Oh wait, that already happens here!

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FNL Secret Service | Burma Burma

Is this the most ‘Exotic’ vegetarian restaurant in town?

Posted by Food and Nightlife Magazine on Sunday, 17 December 2017


Anyway, what I meant was, that it’s natural for one to get bemused, when he or she is told about the prospects of an all-vegetarian Asian restaurant. Even more so, when this establishment is introduced in a city like Delhi.

These very same bemusing thoughts popped up in everyone’s minds when Burma Burma launched back in 2016 at Cyber Hub. However, not only did Burma Burma manage to tackle these pre-conceived notions head on, but also managed to capture the hearts and senses of many a customer; virtually within days of its launch.

Taking a note from all the praise that Burma Burma had been receiving, we at FNL Secret Service decided to pay a visit to Burma Burma’s second and newer outlet in Select Citywalk Mall, Saket.

Upon reaching, we were asked to wait for 45 minutes, as the restaurant didn’t take reservations. I honestly, found this to be a little odd and couldn’t quite figure out the logic behind it. Nonetheless, we patiently waited it out and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks. Some time later, we were called back to the restaurant and allotted a table. We were a group of six and the servers patiently and professionally helped us with our orders, even though it was a busy night.

We started off with three different types of soups and salads. We were quite satisfied with the first part of our meal, out of which the Samosa Soup and the Raw Mango Salad were the highlights. We moved on to the appetisers that consisted of Crispy Lotus Stem, Burmese Paratha with Cream Corn, Crispy Rice Dumplings and three types of baos. The paratha with cream corn was absolutely divine, whereas the baos were a bit underwhelming (maybe the carnivore in me was still getting used to baos without meat) and the other two dishes were good as well, but not great!

We were quite stuffed by this time as Burma Burma’s portions are quite generous. However, we were only getting started, and proceeded to order the mains; for which we ordered Burma Burma’s much acclaimed Khow Suey along with a portion of Stir Fried Vegetables and Fried Rice with Tea Leaf! The Khow Suey was really good, but didn’t exactly blow us away. There are two reasons for that – a) we had overhyped the Khow Suey in our own heads, b) our tummies were stuffed and our palates exhausted by the time the Khow Suey arrived. The stir fried vegetables were… meh! The Fried Rice with Tea Leaf however was brilliant. I never knew that you could play so well with tea and rice. The flavours were precise but not overpowering, and the texture was unique almost to the point that the rice was crispy!

After our mammoth mains, it was time for desserts. We ordered a beautiful array of dishes, ranging from an Avocado Ice Cream with Honey Caviar to a Chocolate Caramel Dome! All our desserts represented a spectacular array of flavours and colours and had us wanting more!

Smokey Avacado & Honey Ice Cream


Belgian Ecstacy

Overall, Burma Burma was a great experience even for a hardcore carnivore like me. Full marks to the team for creating such a spectacular vegetarian avatar of Burmese cuisine.

Location & Parking – 4/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Service – 4/5

Food – 4.5/5

Pricing – 4.5/5

Overall Score – 4.1/5


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