Smelling Delicious Food Can Make You FAT!!

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A new study done by few researchers at UC Berkeley showed that your sense of smell is tied to your body storing fat.

While you might be on a super healthy green diet for the week but if you happen to cross a Khan Chacha or a Big chill every day, that diet of yours might do very little good.

In a study published in Cell Metabolism, a Biology Journal, scientists divided laboratory mice into three groups — normal mice, mice whose sense of smell was deadened and mice whose sense of smell was given an artificial boost. These mice were on a ‘Burger King diet’ for 14 weeks. By the end of it the normal mice and those whose sense of smell was given an artificial boost had gained a ton of weight. On the other hand, those lucky mice whose sense of smell was deadened had gained only 10 percent of their body weight. Even more impressively, already-obese mice whose olfactory senses were temporarily disabled quietly returned to normal size without changing their diet.

We all know that eating food without being able to smell it makes the entire process completely unpleasant.

Whenever I am a victim of ‘cold and cough’, eating is the last thing on my mind.

According to one of the researchers this theory can be applied to humans as well. As our sense of smell decreases after a meal, so if we can trick the brain into thinking that it has already been fed then our body will burn calories instead of storing fat. This also means that people suffering from obesity or those trying to lose weight should temporarily reduce or wipe out their sense of smell in order to curb cravings and burn fat faster.

But cutting your sense of smell also has its own side effects. For instance, mice which had a deadened sense of smell showed an increase in the hormone noradrenaline. And if your noradrenaline gets too high there is an increased risk of a heart attack. Not to forget that people who don’t have a sense of smell can get depressed since perceiving aromas is important for things other than waistline management.

Well the first thing I am doing from tomorrow is change my route to work as I happen to cross ‘Big Fat Sandwich’, can’t afford that anymore!


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