Strictly for men, not for boys!

“A good cigar is like tasting a good wine: you smell it, you taste it, you look at it, you feel it- you can even hear it. It satisfies all the senses.”

Power and wealth: these two things which have been motivating humans since time immemorial, have also always been associated with cigars.

Whenever we see someone smoking a cigar, unconsciously we start respecting that person. That’s the ‘aura’ that a cigar creates.The best cigars are naturally made with the best leaves and crafted by expert hands. And almost all the brands of cigars boast a hefty price tag.

Here is a list of five most expensive cigars from around the world. The question is whether you are ready to spend this much to smoke the finest cigars that money can buy.




Mayan Sicars, INR 3,24,84,757.50/-
Around the 12th century, the Mayans were making cigars and they called them sicars or sikars. These cigars were found in a Guatemalan Village in 2012 and were around 600 years old. What makes these cigars special is how ancient they are, and not to forget, of the finest quality as well.


Gran Habano No. 5 “El Gigante”, INR 1,18,53,412.50/-
Corojo’s Gran Habano No. 5 “El Gigante” is not only the most expensive cigar ever, but also the largest. It is 19 feet long and weighs 725.748 kilograms. Up to 40 people can enjoy it at a time by smoking through a specially designed tubing system. Now that’s quite something!


Regius Double Corona, INR 33,82,079.73/-
When you buy the special edition cigar Double Corona, produced by the British company Regius, you not only buy a cigar but also fly first class to the Regius headquarters in order to develop your own blend– and then you receive 1000 custom made cigars.


Arturo Fuente Opus X, INR 19,25,730/- per box
In 1993, Arturo Fuente first produced the Opus X cigar to mark their 10th anniversary. The limited-edition humidor contained 100 cigars and were available in different colours and textures.


Cohiba Behike, INR 11,55,423.60/- per box
Cuba is known around the world for its cigars. And Cohiba is one of the most well-known producer of cigars in this country. Cohiba Behike was created in honour of the company’s 40th anniversary. 4,000 of the hand rolled cigars were produced and placed in just 100 limited edition humidors containing 40 pieces each.