The Craziest Diets Ever!

How far would you go to get the perfect figure?

Do you know the reason behind Lady Gaga’s perfect body? It’s the diet that she has been following: it’s called the ‘drunk diet’. The singer says she drinks whisky while she works, but also commits to exercising — even when battling a hangover. Just hoping this is temporary and not a lifestyle choice; however, this isn’t the first time a celebrity has followed a weird diet to lose weight. From Beyonce’s juice diet: the master cleanse, to Jennifer Aniston’s baby food diet, you think you have seen it all. Now, hold your breath— the list of crazy diets doesn’t end here. It gets better every year and so, here’s a list of the wackiest diets in 2017.

The Ice Diet

This diet involves eating ice and that too, a lot of it. The basis of this diet is that, eating a large amount of ice forces your body to burn more calories since it’s bringing all of that frozen stuff back to body temperature. Although it sounds like a fairly easy diet to keep up with, it is probably not a good idea. Firstly, chomping on ice can damage your enamel, making it more prone to get cavities and decay. Secondly, you might lose some weight, but you’ll put on more the minute you stop following it.

Shangri-La Diet

According to Wikipedia, this diet calls for consuming 100–400 calories of flavourless food per day (between normal meals). The flavourless food may be extra-light olive oil, unflavoured sugar water, or bland food eaten with your nose clipped shut. It may be eaten all at once, or spaced throughout the day. However, it must be consumed in a flavourless window, which means- a one-hour gap before and after flavours are consumed. The consumption of flavourless calories supposedly lowers weight.

The Cookie Diet

This diet is my all-time favourite. It sounds unrealistic at first, but all you need to do is eat cookies instead of meals, and watch the pounds melt away. On this diet, you eat six “super-secret blend, hunger suppressing cookies” and a sensible dinner. So, basically, you just eat one meal and six cookies in the entire day. I don’t know how effective this diet is, but it’s a very simple diet to follow if you have an extremely busy schedule. All you got to do is buy cookies. Besides, cookies are very easy to carry to work or for travel.

The Slimming Soap Diet

In 1924, an ad came out claiming that fat was stored under the skin and lathering soap against your body is a legit alternative to working out. These soaps were marketed as some sort of magic solution which got rid of unwanted fat from your body. Not a surprise that all these claims were totally false, but a lot of people did fall for it at the time.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

This diet doesn’t tell you what you should or should not eat. There is no set diet you need to follow either. All it states is that whenever you feel hungry, you should sleep. So, basically, a lot of sleep and very little food.

Bible Diet

This one gives a whole new meaning to doing things ‘by the book’. With this diet, you are supposed to eat only the food listed in Genesis Chap 1, Verse 29: Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food”. You are also supposed to get enough exercise, sleep, and Vitamin D. Now, it would be strange if one didn’t lose weight with this diet.


In this diet, you eat NOTHING. The whole idea behind it is to survive on nothing but your breath. There are some elements of esotericism in this diet, and some of the practitioners say that they sustain themselves on energy from the sun, or a “vital life force” called prana. The Breatharian Institute of America promotes the diet, and even offers a workshop to help you started for just $10,000. At least three have died whilst on this diet, so try it on your own risk (or don’t).