Kapil Mohan – The Maker of Old Monk Passes Away

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Kapil Mohan – The champion successor of Old Monk rum passed away last Saturday on January 6th after suffering a cardiac arrest in his residence at Ghaziabad’s Mohan Nagar area. The 88 year old veteran was also a serving Managing Director & Chairperson at Mohan Meakin brewery.

The iconic brand surely did come a long way ever since its launch back in 1954, which was its best-selling product & the brand witnessed a soaring popularity rising over the years after Mohan took full operational control of the company. He passed the baton to next generation in his family over to his nephews, Hemant & Vinay only a year ago after episodes of intermittent illness. However initially, when it came to daily affairs & up all the way to managing the company, it was actually his elder brother – VR Mohan who controlled it & Kapil eventually took over after his death in early 1970s. Kapil thereon went onto taking the company into a diversifying spree with his visionary outlook into adjacent F&B product lines. In the liquor & beverage segment, he launched Solan No. 1 malt based whiskey and Golden Eagle beer. Shortly after, not only did he establish three distilleries & two breweries but also he forayed into breakfast foods, juices, vinegars, cold storages & even glass factories under his belt.



1. Served in the Indian Armed Forces as a Brigadier

2. Received the honorary Vishisht Seva medal & the 4th highest Indian civilian award Padma Shri in 2010

3. Was appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of Narinder Mohan Hospital in Ghaziabad

4. Vehemently discouraged Old Monk’s advertising & believed solely on customer experiences

5. He’s a non-alcoholic

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