The Quintessential Engagement Ring According To Your Zodiac

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Ready to bend the knee but clueless about the perfect sparkle to armour yourself with? Lucky for you, the answer may well lie in the stars.


Confident, go-getter, with the love for a little jazz in her style,an Aries woman is adventurous in what she does. The ideal ring is trendy, elaborate, and also bold, like the colour red, matching her fiery personality.


A Taurus woman wants to feel romantic, spoilt, and enjoys luxury with detail. However, remember, nothing too ‘in your face’. An oval rose pink diamond ring with a diamond halo setting is what she’s looking for.


A social butterfly at heart, a Gemini wants nothing more than her engagement ring to be the talk of the town. Given her indecisive nature, a traditional diamond ring with a quirky and extravagant gold band is best.


Sentimental and loyal, the Cancer woman is easy to please. Despite being a classicist, she has a soft corner for pearls. Pick an elegant anddelicate looking pearl engagement ring and you’ve won her over.


Glamorous, fearless, and bright – the Leo woman comands the spotlight wherever she goes. Nothing better than a vivid yellow diamond to light her up.


A Virgo woman pays attention to detail like no other. She’s analytical and critical of small detail. Aiming to please this perfectionist? A beautiful yet practical diamond ring is what you should get your Virgo woman.


Elegant and chic defines a Libra woman. If you’re sealing the deal, something classy yet dazzling will go a long way. The perfect choice that represents her well – a solitaire diamond ring.


A Scorpio woman is sensual and mysterious. Naturally, the only befitting choice would be a black diamond engagement ring. Not suited for the faint-hearted, the black gem has a deep and dramatic aura – ideal for the intense Scorpio woman.


A Sagittarius woman is adventurous, extremely positive, and always makes a statement with whatever she wears. A multi-stone engagement ring studded with amethyst and diamonds mirrors her playful and cheerful being.


A Capricorn woman cherishes sophistication and craftsmanship, and has great appreciation for family and tradition. Go for traditional, minimal engagement rings that are perfect for every day wear.


A free spirit who isn’t shy to stand out in the crowd, the Aquarius woman never wears something that does represent her. A sapphire centre engagement ring is the right fit for her.


The introspective and spiritual Piscean woman needs a ring that can allow her to escape reality for a fantasy world. A diamond ring with a vintage look is perfect for the Neptune dream weaver.

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