The Secrets to Making the Perfect Pizza at Home!

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There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve got Domino’s on my speed dial. How can anyone resist the scrumptious cheese burst pepperoni pizza that’s available there? I need to stop here as I could write a thesis on Domino’s Pizza, but this article is about how you can make a delicious pizza at home.

Here are a few pizza making secrets. If you keep these in mind the next time you make pizza, you’ll be the one your friends will call when they want pizza and not Pizza Express.

  • Place a pizza stone or baking steel on the second lowest rack position in your oven and preheat it at 246C for an hour. It seems like a long time but this will exactly be the reason behind that crisp bottom crust when you take a bite of your pizza.
  • A good pizza stone is crucial because it will equally distribute the heat in the oven.
  • Get a pro scale to measure the ingredients. Weighing is much more precise.
  • Good quality tomatoes are extremely important for a good pizza.
  • Allow your dough to rest overnight. It sounds like forever but if the wait this long it’s definitely worth it.
  • Always stretch the dough by hand. If you use a rolling pin you will lose a beautiful crust.
  • Make sure your pizza is floured on the base.
  • No oil or toppings should be within half inch of the crust.
  • Distribute your toppings evenly and lightly; don’t overload the dough.
  • Use a plastic cutting wheel. The reason being that the cheese won’t stick to it. I mean nothing is worse than using a cutter which pulls all your cheese away right!
  • If you don’t have a pizza peel to transfer your pizza to and from the oven, you can use a flat cookie sheet or an upside down sheet pan.


Image Credit: Pexels

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