Thy Drink and Thou!

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Is there a drink that you fall on for comfort or for fun? A drink for every mood or occasion? Your favourite drink not only reflects your taste preferences but also reveals some of your strongest personality traits. Read on to know what your favourite drink says about you.


You are bubbly and classy. You don’t need an occasion to pop open a bottle of Champagne. You celebrate all moments, big and small. You have exquisite and a very expensive taste.


You are easy-going, uncomplicated and non-confrontational. You appreciate the simple things in life. You are perceived as approachable and genuine. You are not much of a risk taker. You like order.


You are timeless, classic and transparent. You drink Vodka for the booze and not for the taste. You are health conscious and hence, sugar-free and gluten-free Vodka is the drink of your choice.


You are ambitious and want to have fun too! You are free-spirited and very confident. You are usually curious about everything and anything and go to great lengths to satisfy this curiosity.


You are serious, focussed, sophisticated and usually reserved. You enjoy complexity and competence. You plan for long term. You are often concerned about appearance and status.


You are mature, deep and patient. You are easy to talk to, interesting and someone people can depend on.


You are fun, warm and strong. You love life and you love celebrating life. You are sorted and decisive. You are confident and sure about yourself. You are always up for a party.


You like to improvise and experiment. You are highly imaginative, creative and fun. You like trying new things and are open to change.


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