Major Throwback – Tiny Foods are Back!

Read on to know everything there is about this new rage that has got everyone obsessed!

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I remember when I was a kid, having large kitchen equipment’s was a matter of pride. If your oven (no pun intended) was bigger than your neighbours you were automatically cooler than them.

But over the years things have changed.

In the past year, a new wave of obsession took over the internet, and people just couldn’t stop watching videos which showed people cooking miniature food. The videos are so addictive that even if you don’t like cooking or aren’t interested in it, you’ll be hooked nonetheless. So, the question of the hour is ‘why are so many people obsessed with tiny food?’.

The Tiny Foods Twitter Account has 346.1K followers, with people flipping over everything that is posted on it. This concept that originated in Japan caught the attention of Youtubers around the world, and now you can see videos of people cooking proper meals in a doll house setting.

Why has this trend caught on you ask? Well in Japan, tiny is associated with being cute and I’m guessing that’s exactly how it is perceived in other cultures as well. On top of that cooking in a doll house setting with tiny cutlery and cooking utensils makes people nostalgic and takes us back to our childhood days.

Tiny food seems to tap into a nostalgia for the past, and an aspect of play that is most often largely forgotten during adulthood.

Also, they look pretty. Its basic human behaviour to get attracted to anything that’s pretty or something that brings back a sense of nostalgia, and this ‘tiny food trend’ is a combination of both.

Now you know why everyone is so obsessed with it. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock and haven’t even watched a single video of miniature foods, just a friendly suggestion go and watch it. You will be hooked for sure.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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