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Jamun Review

The Passcode Hospitality group, which has dished out successful brands like PCO and Ping’s, along with niche concepts such as ATM and PDA, is back with a brand new offering. However, this time with a foray into Indian cuisine! It was only natural for us, the predators of FNL Secret Service to probe into the matter!

FNL SECRET SERVICE – JAMUN | Watch The Full Video Down Below:

FNL Secret Service | JAMUN

The Restaurant Celebrates Food from all over India!

Posted by Food and Nightlife Magazine on Saturday, 20 January 2018

is a celebration of food from all over the country, with a masterfully woven menu, covering cuisines and cultures from North, South, East and West India!

The space feels highly premium, yet homely. A combination that I personally adore! Once inside, you’ll be greeted by beautiful hues of purple, along with rustic bronze elements. One side of the wall also has an almost Greek like roofing, which surprisingly fits in to the entire space without a fuss!

We at FNL Secret Service landed up here on a Monday night, and the place was packed. This is always a good sign, as a busy place with frequent rotation of dishes tends to use fresh ingredients and not items that are waiting to be sold! However, with a place like Jamun that was never a concern in the first place.

We were greeted by friendly servers and staff members, who patiently helped us with our order, and even engaged in some friendly banter throughout the course of the night.

We ordered close to 24 items (including cocktails), and were highly impressed not only by the preparations, but also by the usage of top grade ingredients.

The following is a list of items that we ordered:


1. Shikhampuri Kebab – 3.5/5

A spicy mutton kebab with the same shape as a Shami, stuffed with cheese to balance out the chili factor!

Actual image from our review


2. Chicken 66 – 3/5

Jamun’s version of Chicken 65. Fried fritters of chicken with southern spices and herbs. Goes well with a glass of your favourite spirit!

Actual image from our review


3. Pork Chilli Fry with Goan Chorizo – 4/5

Spicy, juicy and full of flavour!

Actual image from our review


5. Mochar Chop with tomato kasundi – 4.5/5

A beautiful preparation of Banana blossoms, with subtle yet significant flavours! The best and most innovative vegetarian appetizer that we’ve had in a while

Actual image from our review

6. Tenderloin Pepper Fry – 4/5

Succulent pieces of buff, prepared with spices that are not overpowering, but instead leave a wonderful aftertaste in your mouth.

Actual image from our review


7. Mutton Kuttu Paratha – 4/5

I last had this dish in Singapore at a famed South Indian outlet and instantly fell in love. It looks a little gross but is also the epitome of fuzzy comfort food. Jamun’s rendition of this dish wasn’t far off from what I had in Singapore, which says a lot!

Representation Image. Courtesy of sribhojanams.blogspot.in


8. Mutton Ghee Roast – 5/5

The quality of the mutton, the amount of ghee used and the spices…. Everything was perfectly on point! This dish was heavenly FULL STOP

Actual image from our review


9. Bharwan Gucchi – 2.5/5

I’m a huge fan of gucchi (Kashmiri Morels), but unfortunately Jamun’s preparation of this dish confused my palate… it was creamy, and tangy but also watery and a few other things. I am desperately hoping that this was a one-time faux pas!

Actual image from our review


10. Lamb Seekh Kebab – 4.5/5

The seekh kebab was great! So much so that my colleague gave us a ‘TED TALK’ on this being the best seekh kebab he’s had at a restaurant. The flavours were wholesome, the meat quality was ace and the spices were beautifully infused into the meat… ‘nuff said’!

Actual image from our review


11. Jamun-E-Josh Mutton Curry – 5/5

Jamun’s version of Rogan Josh! You could smell its divinity from a mile away. The tender meat was falling of the bone and the curry… well let’s just say that I could’ve drunk it with a straw! It was seriously that good!

Actual image from our review


12. Jamun Butter Chicken – 3.5/5

Well, Butter chicken is probably one of the most widely loved and debated items throughout Delhi! The Punjabi in me dug into this creamy-orange-y bowl of god’s gift to mankind, and I was fairly satisfied! It wasn’t too different from any other butter chicken but was still quite good!

Actual image from our review


13. Baigara Bangan – 4.5/5

This Bangan was bangin’! It was great to see this Hyderabad speciality on the menu. It’s taste was somewhat similar to a Bangan ka Salan which is best enjoyed with biryani. However, Jamun’s take on this dish pairs really well with Indian breads!

Actual image from our review


14. Nadru Yakhni – 3/5

This Kashmiri staple made of Lotus stem was fairly basic. Flavours were subtle, and the dish had a very ‘home-made’ feel to it.

Actual image from our review


15. Karuvepillai Rice – 4/5

Flavourful, aromatic rice that would go well with curry or curd, or could also be consumed on it’s own!

Actual image from our review


16. Gulab Jamun – 3.5/5

Pretty similar to any Gulab Jamun… still pretty good though!

17. Rasmalai – 2.5/5

Nothing great! The ‘ras’ was a little too watery for my liking!

Actual image from our review


18. Jamun Kulfi – 4/5

Not a kulfi exactly! It was more of a sorbet that could even function as a palate cleanser. That being said, when sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt, this lactose free, sugar free concoction becomes finger lickin’ good!





1. Mango Shikanji – 4/5

A typical Indian shikanji with infusions of Raw and Ripe Mango.

Actual image from our review


2. Kokum Daiquiri4.5/5

Made with fresh Kokum. Tangy and yummy!

Actual image from our review


3. Ballygunge Fizz4/5

An interesting lemon-y take on a classic Bellini!

Actual image from our review


4. Maid in India – 4/5

Vodka infused with the freshness of cucumber! Super refreshing!

Actual image from our review


5. Tamarind Margarita – 4.5/5

Sweet, tangy and super yummy!

Actual image from our review


6. Jamun Old Fashion – 4/5

A typical old fashion, but with an accentuated element of cinnamon to Indian-ise the drink!

Actual image from our review

After devouring this mammoth meal, we were given ‘Ayurvedic’ finger bowls, which were served in earthen pots with some Neem leaves floating around in warm water, along with the usual slice of lemon.

Actual image from our review

Our bill came out to Rs. 17,759/- inclusive of all taxes, which roughly comes out to Rs. 3,000* per head! A little steep, but we did order a lot and the overall experience was highly pleasurable!

Here’s how we rated JAMUN!

Location and Parking: 4.5/5

Ambience: 5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Pricing: 3.5/5

Overall Score – 4.3/5

#VideoReview . . FNL anonymously reviewed @eatjamun in the latest episode of #FNLSecretService. Their amazing cocktails paired with homely Indian cooking aimed at an authentic spread of modern pan-Indian dishes based on regional masalas & marinades is an experience you can’t miss! With an evaluated score of 4.3/5, JAMUN is #FNLRecommended! @rakshay | @passcodeonly | @pingsbypco | @pingsbypco_kolkata | @atamaison | @pda_delhi . . . Visit www.foodandnightlife.com to watch our full review! Also, January Issue of Our Flagship Magazine OUT NOW – Subscription & Contact Link in Bio! . . . . FOLLOW US 👉@fnlindia . . . #India #food #foodie #foodporn #foodblogger #foodstagram #breakfast #lunch #dinner #yum #yummy #delicious #health #healthy #fit #fitness #gym #travel #fashion #model #music #style #design #beauty #beautiful #magazine #FNLIndia

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