Walnuts Are Your Hacks to Digestion

The brainy nuts have recently been credited as “superfoods”—why and how?

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The foods that resemble a particular body part are good for that body part. We have all heard it and my mom swears by it. A brain shaped walnut increases brain functioning and so I’ve been munching on those yummy nuts whenever I feel like snacking. They’re antioxidants, fibrous, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, we all know that—but, latest research has found a new way that walnuts contribute to our overall health. They help to form one of the most important things you need for proper functioning of the body.

That important thing, as you may already recall, is the gut bacteria—the beneficial bacteria that is the driving force for your system. Besides digesting food and making it usable for the body, the gut is also the ultimate key to keeping you healthy. Science has shown that the majority of the immune system actually lives in the gut, and that the beneficial bacteria in the gut are the key to fighting many diseases. Walnuts, thus, increase the variety of this bacteria in the gut, and help you fight a lot of diseases.

They are also found to act as “prebiotics”—unlike probiotics, these aren’t “live” bacteria that give us storage issues, instead, these little things feed up the good bacteria in the digestive tract, and help intelligently select and promote gut bacteria. Not just that, they encourage the absorption of the bone-strengthening calcium, too, thanks to the way they are digested.

The health outcomes of having a good gut bacterium are not just limited to digestion, they also help fight problems like obesity and inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been observed to be central—among other factors—to three other very dangerous diseases; which means that adding walnuts to your diet can keep them at bay. Which three?

  • Cancer
  • Heart diseases
  • Dementia

Apart from these, eating walnuts can help health-related concerns that are linked to our microflora- such as aging, arthritis and depression. Throw them in almost anything, they go well with cooked and uncooked food alike!

Scientists also claim that people who have more walnuts in their diets tend to eat healthier— but, my friend, this doesn’t mean you start hogging on the nuts to help ease the bowels and keep healthy; go easy on them. I’m just saying, incorporate them in your diet if you haven’t already.

Fun fact: Walnuts are said to be the super-nuts that could increase your willpower and curb your cravings—the perfect snack when on a diet!


Image Credits: Super Foods Rx

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