World’s Most Expensive Vodka Stolen

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The world’s most expensive bottle of vodka got stolen from a Danish bar. The bottle worth $1.3 Million – was sitting on the shelves of Café 33 Bar, Copenhagen for nearly 6 months as a part of their collection of 12,000 bottles of vodka.

The high value of the bottle doesn’t come from the actual contents but the bottle itself. The bottle was covered with 6.6 pounds of gold and 6.6 pounds of silver and was enclosed by a diamond encrusted cap. It was Russo-Baltique vodka. The front of the bottle is decorated with leather and has a replica of the radiator guard used for Russo-Baltique cars making it to resemble the designs of a vintage car front.

Making matters worse, the bottle wasn’t even insured & to top it all off, it was a loan to the bar from a Russian businessman. It got featured in a popular Netflix series – “The House of Cards” that has a political thriller theme to it where it was gifted by Russian President Victor Petrov to President Frank Underwood at a state dinner.

There are no suspects yet. The Copenhagen police is still not clear whether the bar was broken into or if the thief used the key to enter the bar. Nothing apart from the bottle is stolen.

Image Credit: The Local Denmark

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