Would You Drink Pea Milk?

Pea milk is all the rage right now and is more nutritious than almond, soy, and cow milk.

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Remember the good old days when the only decision you had to make was a choice between full cream milk or skimmed milk? Well, even that used to be a task for me.

Every year, a new type of milk keeps hitting the market. We’ve seen it all from soy milk to almond! It is crazy out there. And let’s not forget the different flavours. Damn!! Decisions, decisions and more decisions. As if which career path to choose wasn’t enough that we now have to worry about which milk to pick out: cow’s or coconut!

The new milk which has taken the market by storm is ‘pea milk’. Yes, you read it right.

Pea milk is made from a plant, well, actually it is a legume!

According to Ripple Foods (the creators), it has eight times more protein than other nut milks (but the same amount as cow’s milk), making it creamier and more satisfying. Added to that, it has more ingredients than cow’s milk with things like sunflower oil, guar gum, algal oil added to the mix.

Few facts about it:

  • It is creamy and sweet, and does not taste like peas at all.
  • It has more protein than cow’s milk.
  • Ripple milk has more Potassium and Vitamin D.
  • It has different flavours- unsweetened, vanilla, chocolate and original.
  • It has less calories than cows and skimmed milk.
  • It is dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free and gluten-free

Lastly, it isn’t green colour! We honestly don’t need healthier green coloured drinks in our lives.

Now if all this isn’t convincing you to give ‘pea milk’ a shot I don’t know what will. Despite all the jokes that can be made around the term ‘pea milk’, this is genuinely beneficial for your body, and a great addition to the ‘different variety of milks’ category.

Image Credit: Food 52

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