You are What You Eat

The foods that you eat decide how good or bad you smell

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I was at a party with my girls, when one of them introduced me to her friend. My disinterested self was like, yeah, whatever. She got him over to the bar, he shook hands with me, and gave me a brief hug (which is way too intimate for my comfort standards, considering it was an intro). On a regular day, I would awkward out and pull away. As soon as the 6-feet 2-inch approached me, my senses straightened up, courtesy his oh-so-yummy fragrance. There, I already liked him.

What, for you, is the first turn on in a person you meet? For me, body aroma clearly takes the bet. Perhaps the most important component of attractiveness for most men and women, how good or bad you smell is essential— especially in your peak years.

I’ll be your guide to the wrong foods you’re eating that make you smell bad and what foods will better your natural aroma.

Foods that make you smell bad

Alkaline veggies (like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage)

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Too much sugar

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Aroma foods (like garlic, peppers, onions)

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Processed foods (like fried foods)

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Caffeine, including alcohol


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Foods that make you smell good

Green tea

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Citrus fruits

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Green salads

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Herbs (like parsley, cilantro, mint)

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Probiotic foods (like yogurt, pickles, kimchi)

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As much as this list breaks your heart, it’s backed by evidence. Also, as you must’ve already figured, vegetarians tend to smell much better than non-vegetarians (the reasons to which are now more than obvious). But, hey, my fellow meat-lover, don’t be so disheartened. Tip: just go for a simple stir fry veggie dish or a garden salad the next time you go on a date, while you hog your pork back home alone.



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