Japanese Restaurant Zauo — NYC Launch

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One of Japan’s most preposterous eatery ideas — where diners literally fish before having it for their dinner — is ready to launch at Chelsea this February coming next year. Zauo, which is still currently under construction at 152 West 24th Street, is turning out to be an incredible special expansion to the New York City eating scene. Keeping it real, an actual vessel right now is being worked inside the eatery in which dining guests will have the capacity to reel in fish from a tank stocked with ten various types of fish species.

It’s a shocking idea but one that has humble inceptions. Zauo began as a small one-off family-owned eatery that gradually started including smart idea components as a part of their dining experience for visiting customers alongside a general mish-mash as a unified approach to it’s go-to market innovation. Currently, there are 13 outlets operating in Japan & all of them are owned by the family.
The family chose to bring the idea to New York City & fetched mixed responses from industry peers based at the Big Apple. Some found it very intriguing while the rest were incredibly skeptical about this idea. Founder Noriki Takahashi’s son Takuya was quoted saying, “Half the people we met said it’s a really interesting concept, and the other half said it’s impossible. That made me want to bring it more.” From a business perspective, the biggest challenge here is having live fishes in a tank, which introduces a considerable measure & line of questioning from the local health department authorities. But Zauo, is figuring a permissible way out of this.

In Japan, guest diners typically begin by getting poles and purchasing bait before they “target the prey,” as mentioned in their official website & customers that’re having a tough time for a catch can however seek some expert advice at the location. Once a diner has gotten a catch, it’s passed on over to the restaurant staff, which would then go onto processed for having them served grilled, tempura-fried, or as a sushi.

Founder Noriki Takahashi’s son Kazuhisa says, “We totally understand there’s a debate going on, but we’d like people to understand we’re not doing this just as entertainment. We do want people to have a good time, but there’s a message we want to send that you’re eating a life. You’re killing a fish and eating it, and in Japan we pray before every meal and say, ‘Thank you for the lives you have given.’ Thats the message behind this restaurant.”

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