Choose Your Colours Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

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Confused between whether to wear the black shirt or the white one?

If you can’t make up your mind, let the stars do it for you.


Your colour: Red

Why: Red is assertive, daring, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive, exciting, and aggressive — and this perfectly sums up the star sign Aries, who bask in the glow of others’ attention.



Your colour: Brown

Why: Virgos are refined by a very earthy sensuality, and are typically analytical, kind, hardworking and practical. This fits perfectly with the colour brown, which is the colour of wholesomeness, reliability, earth, security, home, warmth, and foundations.



Your colour: Pink

Why: Librans are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace, just like the delicate colour pink, which is associated with sweetness, beauty, niceness, playfulness, romance, charm, tenderness, and cuteness.



Your colour: Magenta

Why: Anyone born under this sign is reliable, sensual, has an eye for beauty, practical, friendly, ambitious, stubborn, possessive, and stable. Somewhat like the colour

magenta, which can appear outrageous and shocking on one hand, and innovative and imaginative on the other. It is creativity inspired by beauty.



Your colour: Yellow

Why: No one is as sparkly, intelligent and surprising as a Gemini, who is full of life — just like the colour yellow, which is uplifting, offering hope and happiness, inspires original thought and inquisitiveness, and awakens confidence.



Your colour: Black

Why: Scorpions are magnetic, mysterious, and have the ability to shock and surprise people in the best way possible. Only the colour black, associated with power, mystery, fear, unknown, elegance and grief, could do justice to their passionate yet secretive personality.



Your colour: White

Why: Cancerians are tradition with a twist! Their nurturing and sweet nature is an interesting contrast to their ability to say it exactly the way it is. Thus the colour white, that protects, encourages and stimulates openness, growth and creativity — very wonderfully captures the true essence of this star sign.



Your colour: Orange

Why: An Aquarius will never do anything that’s expected of them. As the colour orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, creativity, sexuality, balance, enjoyment, fun, happiness, change, and determination — this colour matches your unpredictable nature.



Your colour: Purple

Why: Always on the move, these on-the-go adventurers have a lust for life. The wise philosopher of the zodiac will benefit from this colour as it really resonates with the Sagittarius spirit because it long represents the wisdom and enlightenment of man.



Your colour: Gold

Why: Leo’s are confident, passionate, warm-hearted, cheerful, and have an air of royalty about them. And the colour gold is the colour of success, luxury, prosperity, sophistication, prestige, and elegance — which fits like a glove with the characteristics of a typical Leo.



Your colour: Turquoise

Why: The colour turquoise is known to recharge our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness, and so this colour perfectly represents the calm and sparkly allure of this mystical sign.



Your colour: Grey

Why: Although Capricorns are extremely determined, disciplined, responsible and focused, what adds charm to their personality is their secretly goofy side — just like the colour grey, which is cool, neutral and balanced, and is associated with formal, conservative, and sophistication.

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